Target Is Selling A Rainbow Sprinkler Slide That's Basically A Giant Outdoor Waterbed

The limit does not exist when it comes to outdoor water products. No one wants to be cooped up indoors during sunny summer days, but it can be dreadfully hot outside. That's where water slides and water toys come in clutch. Kids can stay entertained and cool all day long and never take summer for granted!

Target been making major moves in the outdoor water toy world with their Sun Squad line, and their latest product is no exception.

Target is selling tons of fun outdoor water products, but their Giant Rainbow Spraying Splash Mat easily stands out in the Sun Squad line.

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The mat is pretty large, measuring 9.2 feet long and 6.1 feet wide, so there's plenty of room for everyone.

It's basically a giant outdoor waterbed with plenty of built-in sprinklers to keep the kids cool.


All you have to do get everything running is attach a hose to the nozzle. It begins filling up in no time, so if you're not wearing a bathing suit, watch out for the sprinklers!

This may be advertised for kids, but who says adults can't enjoy catching some rays while enjoying the feeling of floating in the water?

Find it in-store or online for $30.

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