10+ Easter Eggs From The Last Season Of 'Fuller House' Fans Missed

It isn't very often that a show makes the kind of pop-cultural impact that Full House did. Even rarer is when a spin-off makes that same impact more than 20 years later.

So to celebrate Fuller House finally coming to a close, here are 10+ Easter Eggs from the last season fans more than likely missed. Oh my Lanta, are there a lot of them!

1. Joey's Bullwinkle impression.


Fans of Full House will no doubt remember Uncle Joey's iconic Bullwinkle impression. It happened in nearly every single episode of the show!

During episode 10 of Fuller House, it's the first thing he does when he walks through the door.

2. Stephanie driving the car through the wall.


You may recall this scene from "Honey, I Broke The House" in season 3 of Full House. Stephanie accidentally backed Joey's car into the house while playing inside.

She does almost the exact same thing, some twenty years later, only this time it's the gears that malfunction.

3. The return of Kimmy's pet ostrich.


During a very memorable episode of Full House, you'll probably recall the scene where Uncle Jesse is viciously pecked at by a giant mutant-like Ostrich from the Gibbler backyard.

Kimmy alludes to this in episode 10 of Fuller House when she recalls how the Tanner family used to terrorize her beloved pet.

DJ's lips phone were also in the attic.


Oh my Lanta! It's the very same lips phone that DJ is talking on during the opening credits to Full House!

Where do you even get a phone that resembles a pair of lips? Thank goodness that relic from the '80s stayed hidden away in the attic!

And Stephanie's Honey Bee uniform was there too!


The Honey Bees were kind of like the Full House equivalent to The Girlguides of America.

They were featured prominently in "The Slumber Party" episode back in season 4, which centered around Stephanie feeling left out over not being able to attend the mother/daughter sleepover.

4. Dreaming of her first cigarette.


Do you remember Stephanie's "bad friend" Gia? She's made a few recurring appearances on Fuller House but you'll probably remember her from the time she offered Steph a cigarette in the school bathroom.

In episode 13 of Fuller House, Stephanie awakens from a dream and shouts "I don't wanna go to school dad, Gia's gonna make me smoke!"

5. A bite, for a bite.


You'll likely remember some very questionable parenting advice Uncle Jesse doled out back in season 4 of Full House: he instructed Michelle to pinch a kid who was pinching her.

This is the exact advice he gives his own child when he's worried about biting.

6. A nod to Jesse and The Rippers.


In the opening sequence of episode 10, Kimmy recalls that not only were the Tanners "driving cars through the kitchen, terrorizing our pet ostrich," but there was also "some guy, constantly singing the song 'Forever.' That's pretty weird."

While we're on the subject of "Forever", do you remember the horribly cheesy video Uncle Jesse made?

I think my favorite part is seeing all of the candles lit.

Is it just me or is Uncle J seriously ripping off Guns N' Roses?

And did you know that the song "Forever" is actually a cover song, originally sung by *The Beach Boys*?

The Beach Boys have a special connection to Full House. Not only have members of the band appeared on the show multiple times, but John Stamos even used to tour with the band!

7. It's time to play *The Newlywed Game*...again!


When DJ and Steve first played The Newlywed Game on Full House, it was a crushing moment that revealed to DJ how little she and Steve actually knew about one another.

On episode 16 of Fuller House, the couple finally get their shot at redemption!

8. Jimmy outshines Stephanie with his own version of the "Love Shack" dance.


How do you prove your love to someone?

You dress up in the same outfit they wore when they were seven years old and recreate the identical dance routine from Full House's 'Our Very First Telethon' episode!

Speaking of "Our Very First Telethon", remember DJ's "Lollipops And Gummy Bears" song?


In case you may have forgotten, she performed it alongside Michelle.

While up in the attic in episode 16 of Fuller House, Kimmy stumbles upon the prop which forces DJ to break out into song!

10. Alejandro is still the only person allowed to touch Uncle Jesse's hair.


In the series finale, Uncle Jesse mentions that he's in dire need of an appointment with his barber, Alejandro, who's "Still alive and kicking."

We first heard Jesse mention his barber all the way back in the season two premiere of Full House!

11. Everyone makes it home in time for the finale!


You probably noticed a few familiar faces in attendance for the wedding.

Most memorably: Gia, Danny's longtime ex-girlfriend Vicky, and Kimmy's lovable ex-beau Duane (the guy who only says "whatever").