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Italy Policemen Cook Dinner For 87-Year-Old Woman Who Called When She Got Hungry

When an 87-year-old retired woman in Firenze, Italy was recently unable to feed herself, she reached out to her local law enforcement for assistance. And to say the responding officers went above and beyond the call of duty is a total understatement.

As Firenze Today reported, the unnamed woman was home alone the night she made the emergency phone call, and since she couldn't physically prepare anything to eat herself, she felt she had no other option but to call 113 (Italy's version of our 911).

Typically, there's someone who comes to the woman's home to assist her, but for reasons unknown, that person didn't show up that night.

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Although the woman admitted she could have contacted her son, she decided she didn't want to bother him and attempted to fix herself something to eat.

Unfortunately, it seems that this wasn't as easily accomplished as it may have been once upon a time.

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She said she was unable to finish because of a pain in her arm, and because she quickly became tired while attempting the meal.

That was when the 87-year-old retiree picked up the phone and dialed 113.

"I'm tired and I'm hungry but I can't cook because I have a bad arm," she told the operator, as per the translated Firenze Today report.

In response, the operator reassured her, "Madam tell me where you are calling from and don't worry, we solve everything."

A short while later, two officers showed up at the elderly woman's door and rang the door bell before they were eventually let in by a neighbor when no one answered.

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Identified only as Antonio and Giuseppe, the responding policemen found the woman in her bedroom.

The officers then helped get her situated comfortably in her wheelchair at the kitchen table.

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Once she was settled in, they got started preparing her a delicious dinner of tomato ravioli, which they then helped her eat.

A photo of the masked officers serving the pasta dish to the elderly woman has since gone viral online.

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On Reddit, the photo has caught the attention of thousands of users who applauded the policemen for going well beyond their normal call of duty for the 87-year-old woman.

Of course, there were also plenty of people pointing out how exceptionally *handsome* the Italian officers are, and some who even wondered if the cops in question might want to come over and cook them dinner, as well.

But unfortunately for those people, I think this was a sweet, albeit isolated, incident. Sorry to disappoint.

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