Unique Lilies That Look Like Flames Are Totally Lit

What if you could add a plant to your garden that looks so spectacular you'd be the envy of all your neighbors? Wouldn't that be grand?

Well, I've got good news for you. I found it. It's a flower that looks just like flickering flames of fire. Whoa! That sounds so cool. So read on and get planting asap.

Its official name is 'Gloriosa Superba' or 'Fire Lily' and boy does it live up to its name.


Doesn't it look like it's on fire? Ha, ha! Oh my goodness — I think I'm in love. And I gotta have one now!

If I've ever seen a cool flower this must be it.

I mean, how many flowers have petals that look like they've been set on fire? Huh? Not many. If fact, this is pretty much the only one. Ha, ha!

This awesome looking plant originates from the Asian jungles.


You can plant it outdoors just after frost. It will look spectacular climbing up a trellis. Its pretty leaves sprout twining tendrils as the vine grows. It will be a showstopper.

Once this baby blooms all your neighbors will think you're a plant expert.


But little will they know that it's actually easy to grow. Wink, wink. Even though they'll die off in the winter come spring they'll start to pop.

They will be perfect for growing in a pot or in the garden.


You can also plant some stakes to help these guys stand. You'll be amazed at how fast they will grow. I can't get over how spectacular they look.

Once the weather turns colder you can still enjoy the beauty of these plants.


Just transplant one into a pot and bring it inside your house. Imagine the surprise of everyone when they see it on Thanksgiving night? Oh, nice!

These babies do prefer either full sun or half sun, half shade in order to grow.

Instagram | @anoopsanthakumar

They will start blooming in the middle of the summer and just until frost. They do like an average or moist well-draining soil.

The good news is these plants are deer and rabbit resistant.

Instagram | @flower_keeper_photography

One important thing to remember though is that the whole plant is poisonous if ingested. So you need to keep them away from pets like cats and dogs.

Holy crap! Have you ever seen a plant cooler than this?

I don't think so. I'm totally going to start searching for it online so I can plant it and watch it grow. Doesn't it look absolutely spectacular? OMG, yes!