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Pillsbury's New 100-Calorie Bars Are Perfect For Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth On The Go

Think of a baked good, any baked good, and Pillsbury most likely has a mix for it. They've been here since 1869, making indulging so easy, which can seriously be dangerous. I mean, from their cookie dough tubes, to their pre-sliced cookie dough packages, cinnamon rolls, cake and brownie mixes, it's difficult to not look and see what they're coming out with next.

Well, it looks like they're continuing their grocery aisle domination with a new product that makes indulging on the go easy.

Pillsbury's always finding new and inventive ways to continue their dominance in the grocery store, and now they're moving into a new aisle to make shoppers do a double take.

It's not any kind of mix, either.

An Instagrammer by the handle of @nitrous.powered.snacks found Pillsbury bars at their local ShopRite store.

Instagram | @nitrous.powered.snacks

There are two classic flavors that are most definitely going to be flying off shelves once the news gets out there: Birthday Cake and Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

Each package contains six soft-baked thin bars that are drizzled in icing.

Instagram | @nitrous.powered.snacks

One commenter on the post noted that they looks very similar to Fiber One's brownie and cookie bars.

Pillsbury's version is only 100 calories per bar, so it's the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when your sweet tooth is calling.

Have your cake or brownie for breakfast, and feel good about eating it, too!

Instagram | @nitrous.powered.snacks

Each box is being sold for $3.69 at ShopRite, and we sure hope these start trickling into Instagram feeds and grocery carts across the country soon!

What flavor are you dying to try ? Let us know!