7+ Home Decor Upgrades That Can Be Done For Less Than $25

You: want to upgrade your house.

Your budget: is not super into that idea.

I have great news! A compromise can be found. Everything here can be done (or bought) for $25 or less. Let's get thrifty, shall we?

Get you some art.

Urban Outfitters

Art prints are a great, inexpensive way to make a really big impact in your home. Places like Society6, RedBubble, and Desenio sell prints for any price range!

Store things out in the open.


Woven cane is so very in right now. These bins from Ikea are $9.99 each and hold a lot. Don't worry about hiding things away anymore — Keep it out and display it proudly!

Okay, go with me here.

Urban Outfitters

This is actually a stunning piece to have on your wall. Is it for everyone? No. Do I love it with my whole heart and want it on my own wall? Uh, yeah. It perfectly solves a ton of problems! It's wall art, it's jewelry storage, it's iconic.

Some throw pillow covers will really shake things up.


When in doubt, go for a throw pillow. It's the perfect way to add color to a space in small doses, especially if you hate decorating with color like I do.

Make your own pendant light.


Both Urban Outfitters and Amazon sell DIY pendant light kits. This is a great (and cheap) way to customize your lighting to your own style! Plus, you can use any bulb you want.

Paint an accent piece with a small amount of paint.

Guys. Those paint samples go a LONG way. They may not cover a whole wall, but you CAN do small accent moments! Painted headboards and shapes are big ways to make big impacts for a very small amount of money.

Cute planters go a long way.


Plants! You need plants. They totally change the energy of a room. This 3-pack of planters with copper frames is a steal of a deal at $20. They also come in black and gold!

Get organized with Ikea.


I can't tell you how useful these boxes are. For $6.99, you get six fabric-covered boxes that all fit inside each other. I have these in my sock drawer. They're tiny miracles.

You can even upgrade your garbage situation.

Urban Outfitters

Listen, one of my biggest home decor pet peeves is how ugly garbage cans are. Thank god some companies are starting to catch on to the need for containers that don't look like we want to hide them, you know?

This pastel garbage can is $24 from Urban Outfitters.

This amazing floating shelf.


It will totally help you organize any area in your house, but I'd recommend a kitchen or a bathroom. It has included hooks that are removable, and it looks cute AF. No downside!

Get one on Amazon for $20.99.

Hang towels up in style.

Urban Outfitters

This towel ring is the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom that needs a little extra glam. And trust me when I say that every bathroom and kitchen needs some extra glam.

Get reflective.

Urban Outfitters

Mirrors bring in a lot of light to a space. They also help a room feel larger. So basically, there's no downside to having them, okay? This one from Urban Outfitters is small, but so glam.

Time for some LEDs.


Nothing gives a room a cool, modern vibe like colored LEDs do. They're fun, they're customizable, and they're just cool. These ones from Amazon are only $20!

Cool frames are EVERYTHING.


Make your art, pictures, or even projects stand out with interesting frames! Floating frames are especially cool, and they're very in right now. This one from Amazon is only $21! And I want it.

A throw blanket goes a long way.


Adding new textures into a space can immediately upgrade it. Not to mention the amount of coziness a faux fur throw adds! This one is available from Target for $25.

Literally redo your floors.


Depending on the floor space you want to make over, why not try out some peel and stick floor tiles?

Just a note: if you're using these for a bathroom or kitchen, make sure they're waterproof!

Amazon sells a pack of 10 planks for $20.

When in doubt, stick contact paper on it.


Seriously, look how good the front of that buffet looks. Try and tell me you don't want to see how easy it is to do something that cool. JUST TRY.

Get yourself some gold geometric contact paper on Amazon for $8 (YEAH. $8).

Illuminate your space with a new lamp.


I mean, you can't go wrong with a really bold lamp. It totally changes the way a space looks! And is lit. But that's a no-brainer.

This lamp is available for $20 at Target.

Add a rug.


Hell yeah, cheap rugs! I have this exact pink shag rug in my closet, and I love it with my whole heart. It's so soft! And I got it for a whopping $20 at Target. Score.

New backsplash tiles!


Hell yeah, adhesive backsplash tiles! They are a cheap way to really make a huge impact in your kitchen, and they come in a lot of really modern, classy patterns.

Swap out old hardware.


Whether it's your cabinet knobs, some drawer pulls on a treasured dresser, or even a door knob, swapping out hardware is an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade a room.

Hit up places like Amazon or Ikea for the cheapest options.

Add some glam.

Urban Outfitters

Moons are a big home decor trend right now, and for good reason: They're cute as hell. This super popular moon phase banner from Urban Outfitters is only $16!