10+ Random TV Facts Most Fans Didn't Know

For the better half of the last century, TV has become a fixture in the hearts and homes of millions around the world. It has the ability to unite, inform, and of course, inspire.

So to help shed a light on some of the forgotten or unknown tales of television history, here are 10+ random TV facts most fans didn't know.

Every scene with Ted's kids in *How I Met Your Mother* was filmed in the first two seasons.


In order to avoid the kids aging, producers decided to film all of the scenes with the children at once.

Can you imagine knowing how it all ends but having to keep it a secret for the next seven years?!

The original pilot episode for *It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia* cost only $200 to produce.


Apparently, the only overhead cost that Rob Mcelhenney and the gang had to worry about was tape.

They filmed the entire thing on an old camera inside an apartment.

The producers of *House* didn't know that Hugh Laurie was British.

His accent was apparently so good that Hugh fooled them all! If that isn't a feather in your acting cap, I don't know what is.

Hugh certainly does do a very convincing American accent.

Kirk Cameron has a spiritual awakening while acting on *Growing Pains*.


Kirk became a 'born again Christian' on the series and began adopting some ultra-conservative and highly controversial opinions.

Kirk even once referred to the production team of Growing Pains as "pornographers."

Drew Carrey's coffee mug on *Whose Line Is It Anyway* was filled with Pepsi.

I'm not sure if Drew just really loves cola or hates coffee, but whatever the case may be, it's an interesting tidbit of trivia.

I would have been a lot more excited to learn that the jug of water was actually filled with vodka, though.

The blue meth in *Breaking Bad* is actually candy.


Delicious blue rock-candy as it turns out!

If you want to test out your cooking skills and see how they compare to Heisenberg's, you can actually find and follow the same recipe.

HBO added a gun into *The Sopranos* logo for a reason.

The production team had concerns that their audience might get confused and think that the show was about singing, as opposed to a hard-hitting mob-drama.

Can you imagine Pavarotti with a pistol?

Mr. T's jewelry was worth its weight in gold.

Literally! Those gold chains and pendants are said to weigh-in at just over 6 lbs. Today, that would be worth just shy of $130,000 dollars.

I pity the fool who doesn't realize that gold is getting old.

There's a Superman reference in every episode of *Seinfeld*.


Sometimes you can actually see the Superman doll, other times the character is merely mentioned in passing.

But a careful eye and ear will reveal that The Last Son of Krypton is Seinfeld's most recurring guest star!

Matt Groening named all the main characters on *The Simpsons* after his own family.

The only exception to this is, of course, Bart. Sadly, there aren't many parents out there cool enough to give their son a name like that.

Bart is actually an anagram for Brat.

Lisa Kudrow was cast as Roz on *Frasier*.


Producers felt that Lisa lacked the on-screen chemistry and the proper character dynamic. She was quickly recast with Peri Gilpin.

Luckily for Lisa, it allowed her to find her calling as Phoebe Buffay! How differently might the series have looked without her?

Ryan Reynolds turned down a role on *Buffy The Vampire Slayer*.


Ryan was originally going to be cast as the socially awkward Xander but declined the role because he had concerns portraying a character who was still in high school.

Chuck Lorre wrote the theme song for *Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles*.

“I wanted to do the theme song for the ‘Turtles’ the minute I heard about it,” Lorre said during an interview.

You might know Chuck better as the creator of both The Big Bang Theory, as well as Two and a Half Men.

Matt LeBlanc dyed his hair for the entire series of *Friends*.


Joey's sleek dark hair was part of his irresistible charm and charisma. Unfortunately, actor Matt LeBlanc was already going grey by the start of the first season!

If you pay attention, the dye becomes much more noticeable as the series goes on.

Chuck Norris almost played Red Forman on *That 70's Show*.


No, this isn't the beginning to a bad 'Chuck Norris Joke', this actually happened!

Were it not for a scheduling conflict, fans might very well have seen their favorite Texas Ranger in the patriarchal role.