Clever Hanging Planter Glass Table Turns Your Dining Area Into An Indoor Garden Patio

As someone who legit owns three plants (please don't come for me plant people), I am really starting to understand why people are so obsessed. I mean, not only is my monstera a great listener and therapist, but the different shapes of the leaves and colors of green in plants seriously bring any dull room right to life.

Plants are great company, which makes this hanging planter glass top table the perfect dining companion.

I bet you've never seen a table like this at HomeGoods.


That's because it's a Pei-Ju Wu exclusive.

Industrial designer Pei-Ju Wu created this gorgeous and functional glass top table with hanging planter to help bring nature indoors.


She also believes plants deserve more than to just be stuffed in individual planters. Not to mention, they can crowd necessary table space.

So, she basically created a giant planter that you can entertain on!

A convenient funnel system in the center of the table allows water to be poured directly to the soil, so you don't need to annoyingly remove the table top each time the plant needs watering.


There's also a built-in LED strip at the base of the funnel, which not only keeps your plant happy and healthy, but also operates as a cool mood light.

There is no doubt that everyone will be wanting to hang around this table planter—it's a conversation piece in the truest sense of the word.


Right now, the Oasis table is a concept, but we'll definitely be keeping out eyes peeled on Behance to see when it comes to life!