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Bindi Irwin Says Paparazzi Forced Her To Leave Her 'Dream Wedding Venue' For Animals' Safety

Your wedding day is pretty much the one day in your life that you're allowed to obsess about getting "perfect." Everything from the dresses to the suits to the food to the venue are incredibly important decisions that will have a long-lasting effect on what is supposed to be the best day of your life.

Bindi Irwin has taken to Instagram to share how the paparazzi ended up affecting her wedding day, and how she made it perfect regardless.

Bindi and her longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell got married at the Australia Zoo in March.

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Even though it took place right as COVID-19 was quickly evolving into a pandemic, the day seemed pretty perfect, as far as we could tell.

Bindi's younger brother, Robert, walked her down the aisle.

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And watching him hold back tears the entire time is enough to make anybody sob, honestly.

And Steve was honored throughout the ceremony.

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The officiant spoke some pretty inspiring words on parenting on behalf of Steve during the couple's ceremony.

The couple even lit a candle to represent her father.

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"He's always with us, and he walks beside us with everything that we do," Bindi explained.

All in all, it seemed like the intimate ceremony was one for the books.

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And as far as we could tell, despite it not including any guests to join in the special day, everything looked like it went according to plan.

However, Bindi has revealed that was not always the plan.

"This moment. My favourite wedding day photograph. This isn’t the fairytale image capturing the ‘perfect’ wedding day feeling. In fact, it’s quite the opposite," she wrote, alongside this image of her and Chandler on the big day.

"This picture was taken after we had to change our entire wedding," Bindi revealed.

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"We decided not to have wedding guests due to the global crisis for everyone’s health and safety. Our family and friends couldn’t be there to celebrate with us. However, they all encouraged us to continue on and get married," she explained.

"From their love and support, we felt love win."

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"We changed our wedding date the night before we got married but we were determined to let love win. Everything from the cake to the flowers were different. Thankfully, we worked with local businesses to make it happen. They helped love win," she continued.

"On our wedding day we were finally about to get married and the paparazzi flew over us in a helicopter scaring our wildlife," Bindi revealed.

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"We had to leave our stunning wedding venue on the African Savannah for their safety. I said goodbye to the place I had dreamed of getting married for so many years," Bindi wrote.

That was when Bindi came up with another idea.

"At that moment I remembered the filming barn where I’d spent much of my life with my family working on 'Crocodile Hunter' and 'Bindi The Jungle Girl.'"

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"I knew we could make it work and our zoo crew helped us to move everything inside. I watched love win. I was there in my wedding dress, husband-to-be by my side, moving tables and flowers and trying to make our day finally become a reality."

Bindi then revealed it was Chandler who helped her realize that, even though things weren't going as planned, they were still blessed.

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"I asked him to list me happy things. He proceeded to remind me that love ALWAYS wins. That’s when this picture was taken. Despite everything, we got married and I’ll forever be grateful. Sure, things weren’t perfect but that’s life. Life is messy and beautiful and meant to be felt."

What a beautiful post!

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Even though Bindi's wedding day didn't go exactly as she had hoped, we're happy that she and Chandler still made the best of it!