Massive Herd Of Goats Filmed Taking Stroll Through Neighborhood

We've all gone a little stir-crazy at one time or another. Sometimes, when you feel penned in, you just need to bust out.

Evidently a huge herd of goats was feeling this way recently, as they escaped their enclosure and overran a quiet neighborhood in the Bay Area.

Goats are...interesting.

They can be cute, they can be scary, they have weirdly square eye pupils, and they scream like humans. What more can I say? You never know what to expect from these beasts.

A resident looked outside to see this.

Twitter | @zach_roelands

In a tweet, San Jose resident Zach Roelands shared a surreal video showing hundreds of rampaging goats as they descended on the suburban streets near his home.

Here's how it should be.

Twitter | @zach_roelands

Look at this scene: chilled-out goats inside their enclosure. Roelands posted this pic, quipping that this is what responsible social distancing looks like when you're a goat.

They weren't social distancing.

Twitter | @zach_roelands

According to reports, the goats aren't locals. They come to the area once a year to clear out the brush on a nearby hillside. This year, things were a little different.

They had themselves a time.

Twitter | @zach_roelands

The herd, estimated at about 200 goats, knocked over flowerpots, ate freely from people's gardens, left messes everywhere and basically caused chaos during their brief, dramatic jailbreak.

How do you round them all up?

Twitter | @zach_roelands

That's a great question, one that I don't know the answer to. But, shortly after the goat rampage began at 5:30 PM, the goats were indeed rounded up and returned to their enclosure.

The jokes make themselves.

Twitter | @zach_roelands

In case you wanted to judge the goats for their bad behavior, try to give them a break. They're just kids. Well, some of them are, anyway.

What a time to be alive.

Twitter | @zach_roelands

The video Roelands tweeted out is awesome. Neighbors are aghast, while one guy makes an attempt to round them up using his ride-on mower.

Goats, what can you do?

While these goats caused some unfortunate property damage, all's well that ends well. The goats got a taste of freedom, while residents got a story they'll never forget.

h/t: Zach Roelands