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Duncan Hines' Bakery-Inspired Pudding Cups Are Basically Cake Batter And Cookie Dough In Pudding Form

You know what's the absolute worst thing? When you have an absolutely genius idea, and someone who you don't even know suddenly comes up with pretty much the exact same thing without having spoken to you. I mean, unless they've somehow tapped our phones or something. But seriously, it doesn't just happen in the academic world.

I had the most genius idea after tackling the famous Milk Bar birthday cake that there should totally be birthday cake batter pudding.

And wouldn't you know, suddenly Duncan Hines comes in hot with three different cake and cookie-inspired pudding cups! I don't even want to talk about it, but I will.

If you're like me and ever wanted to eat your cake batter and cookie dough safely, now's your chance!

Instagram | @foodiewiththebeasts

Instagrammer @foodiewiththebeasts spotted one of Duncan Hines' bakery-inspired refrigerated pudding cups at their local Redner's Market in the flavor Chocolate Frosting & Yellow Cake.

The brand also had two other flavors inspired by their most iconic bakery items.

Duncan Hines

They have a Vanilla Frosting & Sugar Cookie flavor, as well as a Salted Caramel & Chocolate Brownie flavor.

We're all guilty of sneaking some cheeky spoonfuls of leftover batter that didn't make the pan, but now we can safely consume 3.75 ounces of it.

Duncan Hines

Hopefully these are released nationwide!

Until then, I will be channeling my inner Plankton and trying to concoct the perfect birthday cake batter pudding...

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