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Kate Hudson's Brand Cuts Ties With Influencer Mom Who 'Rehomed' Her Adopted Son

There's no denying Kate Hudson is the ultimate cool girl. She is effortless and chic and SUPER multi-talented. You probably have seen advertisements for the 41-year-old's athletic clothing brand, Fabletics, all over social media. The brand works with celebrities and influencers alike, and the clothes are so cute.

However, Kate's brand has had to cut ties with mommy influencer Myka Stauffer after the YouTuber confessed she has "rehomed" her adopted son.

Influencer and mommy vlogger Myka Stauffer made an incredibly controversial video last week explaining that she and her husband had decided to "rehome" their adopted son, Huxley.

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The couple explained that 4-year-old Huxley had been "rehomed" because of his “medical needs,” which include autism.

Unsurprisingly, Myka's YouTube video went viral and has over 4 million views to date.


The couple didn't share a lot of details, but Myka did say she feels like a failure.

"Do I feel like a failure as a mom? Like, 500 per cent," she admitted.

Myka's YouTube channel gained popularity in 2016 as she documented her international adoption.

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The couple started a crowd funding mission in an effort to raise money to go to China and adopt Huxley, which thousands of their subscribers donated to.

Myka's top video on her YouTube page was “gotcha” montage of her family celebrating Huxley’s adoption, which was first posted in October 2017.

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That video, and all videos featuring Huxley, have since been deleted.

Huxley was adopted from China, and the couple claims they were "unaware" of most of his medical needs.

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Myka once claimed she "wouldn’t trade him [for] anything!" in a 2018 Instagram post, which doubled as a sponsored post for Dreft laundry detergent.

Since Huxley's adoption, Myka and her husband have welcomed one more biological child.

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And with the "rehoming" of Huxley, the Stauffer family is now a home with four children, instead of five.

Myka Stauffer works as a YouTuber and Instagram influencer, and has partnered with some major brands including Kate Hudson's brand, Fabletics.

In addition to receiving free products from Fabletics, Myka may have also been paid to promote the clothing, as many influencers are.

Fans of Kate's and the Fabletics brand have been asking for action.

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"@Fabletics I would reconsider your partnership or any sort of association with Myka Stauffer. That family crowd funded an international adoption and then turned their backs on that child like some sort of pet or animal. He’s a HUMAN CHILD and they discarded him like trash," expressed one Twitter user.

Customers also began leaving comments on the Fabletics Instagram page.

"I'm really disappointed it's taking so long for Fabletics to make a statement with regards to whether or not they are still sponsoring Myka Stauffer. If they are I will be cancelling my membership and no longer purchasing from this company," wrote another Twitter user.

Now, it's been reported that Fabletics has officially cut professional ties with Myka.

According to Page Six, when a fan asked Kate on Instagram about the status of Myka's partnership, Kate confirmed it was "terminated."

Fabletics joins Playtex Baby, Chili’s Suave and Big Lots in the list of companies to cut ties with Myka.

I'm sure this will be a relief to those who support Kate but don't support Myka.

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