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You Can Buy A Campfire-Friendly Fishing Pole To Comfortably Roast Marshmallows

For many, summer is actually the most wonderful time of year. Many are able to finally emerge from home hibernation and get outside to enjoy all the Mother Nature has to offer. Of course, the best way to celebrate the outdoors is camping, and you know you can't have a good camping experience without topping off a great day by roasting some marshmallows.

However, roasting marshmallows is no small feat. It comes with ashes and smoke blowing into our eyes, tired arms from holding sticks and rods, and unfortunate marshmallow casualties.

Campfire fishing poles are here to make sure you can make the perfect s'more comfortably.

Take your fishing skills to the campfire with Firebuggz's fire fishing poles.

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These genius accessories are sure to be a must-have item for all your camping trips and backyard hangs.

Each pole is made with a powder coat rod, stainless steel hook, and a sleek birch and maple handle.


They also come in black, yellow, green, and red, and packs including all four so everyone will know which rod is theirs.

The stainless steel hook actually contains four prongs so you can make four s'mores at once!

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You can also easily grill hot dogs and veggies for a complete and easy meal.

With fire fishing poles, you can easily sit back and relax, just like if you were out on the open water.

Instagram | @firebuggzfun

Find them on Amazon starting at $21.99, or order full sets that come with four poles and two Smogglez from Firebuggz's website for $80.

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