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Protest Organizer Offers Donated Water To State Police In Powerful Video

As protests continue throughout the United States and beyond over a week after the May 25 death of 46-year-old George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, it seems difficult to predict how any given demonstration will unfold.

Protests in Minneapolis, Washington D.C. and Long Beach, California have seen police arrest and fire upon journalists with rubber bullets, while others in Nashville, Indianapolis and Reno, Nevada to name a few have seen fires claim local buildings.

In Pittsburgh, however, WTAE has reported that hundreds of people have gathered to protest police brutality and systemic racism and remained peaceful in their demonstrations as police looked on. A small group broke off and damaged windows at Penn Avenue, but police acknowledged that these consisted of a small minority of "outsiders."

And one gesture of good will in the full video from a Pittsburgh protest organizer shows both the character of the protest at large and of an ideal society after some real solutions are reached.

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As the video began, we could see a Pittsburgh parking lot with a significant group of police officers at the ready.

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It's immediately clear that local police are present at the scene, but a tweet from a protester named Derek also explained that a group of state troopers were present as well.

And it was this group in particular that this man sought to address.

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He remains unidentified, but Derek credited him as one of the organizers of the protest. In his arms was a case of water that was apparently donated to protesters.

As he and the person filming approached the state troopers, the organizer said, "I know you guys are thirsty."

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As his associate chuckled, the man went on to say, "I wasn't yelling at y'all, don't be looking at me like that."

As he approached, he affirmed that he was "Just trying to spread a message."

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He then placed the case down in front of the officers, saying, "I know you guys are out here doing your job, I'm not mad at you."

As he tore the plastic open, he said, "I'm mad at the ones that's doing it to us, do you understand?"

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He went on to say, "We came out here peaceful and this is what I'm trying to show y'all."

Before he walked away from the officers he told them, "Y'all don't got to get it right now, but if you want something to drink, grab it."

As you can see in the full video available here, the officers attending then share their words of appreciation for this gesture.