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Devon Sawa Shares Adorable Video Of His 6-Year-Old Son Watching Him In 'Casper'

Kids are honestly adorable. Sure, sometimes they can be loud, shrieking, attention-demanding little nightmares, but they can also be sweet, thoughtful, and cute little darlings, and more often than not they make for some great content online.

Actor Devan Sawa (perhaps best well known for his role in Final Destination) just shared the sweetest video of his six-year-old son, Hudson, that definitely falls into the latter camp.

The movie *Casper* from 1995 is a film classic.

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Following a young, sweet ghost named Casper as he becomes friends with and eventually falls in love with a young human girl, Kat, played by a young Christina Ricci. Eventually, Casper becomes a human again, and he and Kat dance together sweetly.

Of course, the film was based off the *Casper The Friendly Ghost* comics.

The success of the film and it's inventive use of mixing CGI and live-action actors eventually spawned two direct-to-video follow up films and a cartoon series, The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, but it's the original that sticks out in most people's memories.

Devon Sawa, who appeared in the film as Casper's human form, just shared this adorable video of his son, Hudson.

In the clip, which Devon captioned with the most iconic line from the film "Can I keep you?", 6-year-old Hudson excitedly watches Casper from the couch. "Who's that guy?" Devon can be heard asking his son, who happily responds, "You!"

"What do you think?" Devon asks his son about the movie.

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Hudson's answer comes immediately: "Amazing!"

I don't know about you guys, but when Devon turns the camera to show the ballroom scene at the end of the movie, I got emotional! That scene was the reason this movie was one of my favorites for years!

Devon then went on Twitter to thank Christina Ricci for landing him the role in the first place.

"Christina Ricci is a HUGE talent and played a big part in me getting the role and then went on to recommend me for Now And Then. I owe her the world," he wrote, and then acknowledged Casper's voice actor, Malachi Pearson, in a follow up tweet.