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January Jones Shares Rare Photo Of Her Son At Black Lives Matter Protest

January Jones is one of those celebs that likes to keep her kids off social media, so when she does post a pic of her son, it's a really big deal!

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January Jones is mom to 7-year-old Xander. The actress has kept a lot about her sons life private, including who the father is!

Instagram | @januaryjones

So when the 42-year-old takes to Instagram to share the odd picture of her son, it means a lot to fans.

It meant even more than usual because the picture of her son was from a Black Lives Matter protest in California.

Instagram | @januaryjones

Xander is holding a sign that says "I Can't Breath," while also wearing a face mask that reads "Black Lives Matter."

"I promise that I will always continue to talk to my child about inequality. And I promise to do all I can to learn more. We have had many more of these necessary hard conversations over the last few days, about why people are so angry and sad," she wrote.

Instagram | @januaryjones

"For a child who didn’t used to see color amongst his friends it’s hard for him to understand, to understand why the past he learns about in school is still very present in our world today. I wanted to give him an opportunity today to do a small neighborhood protest to support his friends and feel like he’s part of the progress that will hopefully happen."

She concluded her post by urges her fans to vote in November.

Instagram | @januaryjones

"Please vote in Nov. If you don’t vote for who is governing your city, state and country nothing will change."

To find out more about the Black Lives Matter movement, please click here.

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