Add A Splash Of Color To Your World With 'Rainbow' Succulents

Just when you think you've seen every succulent out there, BAM: rainbow succulents.

Succulents really do come in all shapes and sizes. But did you know that they have a crazy wide color variety? From pink to "ghostly purple" (yes, really, and it's stunning), succulents like to run the gamut. Now, let's take a look at the one who really does it all: the rainbow succulent.

So, why is it called a "rainbow" succulent?

Because it changes color, of course. Thanks to its tendency to not only change color according to season, but to bloom green before fading to pink, they definitely take on a rainbow appearance.

Check out those colors!

You can really see orange, pink, purple, and green here. I know they're called rainbow succulents, but they actually really remind me of iridescent foil! Can I get nails that look like these?

They're a special kind of succulent.

Etsy | NorthernGardensUS

According to World of Succulents, they're variegated from a standard succulent.

They are super easy to care for, and of course do well when they're not watered frequently. Succulents — the easiest plant I am challenging you not to kill.

You can get some on Etsy.

Etsy | NorthernGardensUS

Guys, holy crap. Look at that succulent. The seeds for these rainbow beauties are available from NorthernGardensUS on Etsy for about $10.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm ordering me some succulent seeds.

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