Grandmother DIYs Relatable 'Quarantine Edition' Barbie Dolls

Say what you will about quarantine, but it's produced some great art.

Like the rest of us, Tonya Ruiz was trapped inside for most of March and April. Unlike those of us who have been vibin' on the couch the whole time, she sat down and created some actual masterpieces.

Meet Tonya Ruiz.

AKA Grandma Gets Real (@grandmagetsreal on Instagram). She's a former model who started her Instagram to document the adventures of Grandma Barbie, a Barbie doll that looks just like her.

She calls her account "dolligraphical." I love her.

She depicts her daily life with the dolls.

Featuring the help of her granddaughters, of course! She stages all sorts of fun moments using the dolls in her collection.

She even has a Grandpa Barbie to represent her husband!

When the pandemic hit, her pictures naturally took on a theme.

Her first pictures talked about the new normal of staying at home 24/7. Nothing too crazy — the genius idea hadn't hit yet. But the small scenes she did stage were SO cute.

And then came Quarantine Barbie.

This is her very first Quarantine Barbie, and it is a masterpiece. She's tricked out with toilet paper, TONS of snacks, some boredom busters, and the crucial "stay at home" outfit — stretchy pants.

Zoom Ken has no pants.

I mean, same. He also has two kids that need his attention, a bathroom set to hide in for his Zoom calls, and a ton of Starbucks. You know, the essentials.

Mom edition comes with a LOT of stress.

This is the Homeschool Mom edition, and she looks stressed. Has four kids, a lot of homework to assign, hair that hasn't been cut in months, and a bottle of wine. Of course.

This is literally how cutting your hair at home feels.

The detail in this one is crazy. She even included an accordion Ikea mirror — like, what? This is art!

Shoutout to the unshaved legs and the unibrow. That's the quarantine uniform.

She also included healthcare workers.

How perfect is this? Called the "Pandemic Hero," she comes with a mask, scrubs, PPE, charts, and even a stethoscope! Now this is a Barbie we need in real life.

Don't worry, pandemic bakers.

You were included, too. Bread Baking Barbie may be covered in flour, but she's keeping things together. Also, jealous of that gorgeous Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It's blue! Can I get one of those?

More Pandemic Heroes: the Sanitation Workers!

They're truly the unsung heroes of this pandemic, and I think we all know it. The Sanitation Worker has the best details yet — the recycling bin has Amazon boxes and Taco Bell. That's also what my garbage looks like.

We can't forget the couples.

Quarantine Couple Barbie and Ken are clearly having an argument about house cleaning, which is probably the most realistic fight I could think of. They come packed with cleaning supplies and a checklist neither of them is using.

Finally... a Barbie for me.

My fellow craft addicts, this one is for us. We're covered in paint, our snacks are scattered everywhere, and we've made a lot of weird art that we're going to put all around our house.