Turn Your Dining Room Into Hogwarts' Great Hall With 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Dining Sets

If you're a Harry Potter fan, or "Potterhead" as they're popularly called, then you know there is a slew of licensed products out there for just about anything you can think of for every corner of your home and beyond.

However, they're not always the most functional products, or don't effortlessly gel with your current decor style. If you're looking for some more classy Harry Potter houseware, look no further than these dazzling Harry Potter-inspired dining sets.

Make some extra room in your cupboard, because *Harry Potter*-inspired dining sets exist.


They're not just those gimmicky plastic plates and cups many of us may have had as kids.

These were made for classy entertaining .

The four-piece sets look like fine China sold at a department store.


The Marauder's Map set is embossed with a beautiful shiny gold illustration inspired by the iconic map.

It comes with set comes with one dinner plate, one salad plate, one bowl, and one mug, all for $32.99.

Target is also selling some sets to show off your house pride.


This 16-piece Gryffindor set comes with four sets of dinner plates, lunch plates, bowls, and mugs, all designed with the iconic red and orange colors of the Hogwarts house, as well as the lion crest.

The only other house they have so far is a bright blue Ravenclaw set, but keep your eyes peeled


Having all four sets and mixing and matching them would make entertaining for a dinner party so much fun!

Find the sets online for $89.99.

These would make for great housewarming and registry gifts and will make anyone's mealtime feel so magical.

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