Spicy Pickle Margaritas Are A 'Dillicious' Take On The Classic Cocktail

While everyone is still stuck at home in quarantine mode and the summer is coming upon us, there's no better time to start experimenting with cocktail recipes and food. It's pretty clear that we've all upped our alcohol intake while we've been stuck home in the house. With bars closed nationwide, it's easy to go to the liquor store and stock up on some stuff to make some new creations in the comfort of your own home.

Recently, there has been a popular trend taking over social media.

Unsplash | Jonathan Pielmayer

The combination of pickles with popular food and drinks is coming from an uptake in pickle popularity. All across social media, companies are using pickles in things such as chips and even ice cream.

Now, people online are making spicy pickle margaritas.

All it takes is some tequila, mixers, and pickles with pickle juice. You can take your favorite margarita recipe and combine it with some pickle juice to take it up a notch to a new level.

You can also purchase "pickle juice" mixers!

If you're a huge pickle fan and want to find some ways to make this even better, Randy's Pickles "Spicy Dill" pickle juice is perfect for adding to your margaritas.

According to some social media users, stores like Kroger also sell pickle mixers.

Check out your local grocery store's mixer and juice aisle to see if they carry anything of the sort. This Instagram user said Kroger has some "sweet n' spicy pickle juice." Sign me up!