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Meet Eris, The Very Long Dog Going Viral For Her Incredible 12.2-Inch Snoot

Besides basic body size, one of the biggest variables in the world of dogs is the snoot. Some pooches have cute little button noses on a little snout, while others might have long faces for maximum food stealing potential.

That's what the long snout is for right? Natural selection towards optimal snackums?

Don't ruin this head canon for me, please and thanks.

Clearly, the borzoi breed of doggo was made for stealing Cheez-Its.

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Also called Russian wolfhounds, borzoi were originally bred and employed as hunting dogs for the Russian aristocracy. Though their body type is similar to a greyhound, they notably have much more fur.

All borzois have long snouts, but a fluffy cloud named Eris is getting a ton of attention for having one of epic proportion.

Instagram | @eriszoi

Borzois are sometimes called "walking clouds" and I think it's safe to say that Eris' elegance merits such a name.

Though her family knew what they were in for when they decided to pick a borzoi pup, they couldn't have predicted her most defining feature.

An epic 12.2-inch snoot.

Instagram | @eriszoi

Complete with puppy dog eyes begging forgiveness for every stolen treat.

In fact, she's believed to have the longest snout in the dog world.

As of yet, snout-length isn't an officially tracked record, so it's hard to be 100% certain.

Instagram | @eriszoi

Her overbite disqualifies her from being a show dog, but owners Lily and Savannah love her just the way she is and so do her more than 180K followers.

If you'd like to join that crowd, check her out on Instagram @eriszoi.

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