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Quotes For People Just Getting Through 2020

I realized the other day that I haven't used my purse since my local area went into social distancing mode in early March. It's not something I consciously did, but when you're just driving to the grocery store every other week to have your pre-ordered groceries placed in the trunk, a purse seems like overkill.

Hell, a bra seems like overkill in most cases right now.

Seriously, though. Why do I own so many "going out" accessories anymore?

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My winter boots and accessories went into the closet, but I haven't even bothered to get out the summer sandals or hats.

There aren't seasonal fashions anymore. Just quarantine chic.

I mean, seriously, my laundry has been 95% pajamas for the last two months.

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"Laundry day" is simply when I'm on my last pair of clean underwear.

If this goes on much longer, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to wear underwire again. My under-boob skin will no longer be desensitized to it.

Is my ongoing game of chicken with my underwear drawer that big a deal in the grand scheme of 2020 suck?

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Of course not, but if we unite in our distancing to fend off the virus long enough for the crisis to pass, then in the end, it's these stupid, silly memories that we'll look back on.

At some point, hindsight will literally be 2020 and we all hope that for most people, that pun will be funny, not traumatic.

Until then, it's day by day, week by week, until things become some semblance of normal again.

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Never the "normal" we had before, but a new normal that perhaps will involve fewer "going out purses" in our closets because we've KonMari'd the heck out of our homes while in quarantine.

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