10+ Times Disney Characters Were Roasted On Twitter

The internet can be a cold, cruel place. No one is safe and nothing is sacred. Not even the beloved Disney characters from our childhood.

Below are 10+ times that Disney characters were absolutely roasted on Twitter. From Simba and Nala's incest to Pinocchio's birth parents: Absolutely nothing is off-limits.

The time that SB Nation pointed out just how tall Moana actually is.

To put that into perspective: Shaquille O'Neal is only 7'1"! Moana wouldn't have just been an OK center - she'd be an absolute terror on the basketball court! No one's guarding her, that's for sure.

Pinocchio finds out that he's actually adopted.

You have to admit that Pinocchio does bear a shocking resemblance to a Narwhal. He even ends up in the belly of a whale toward the end of the film!

Coincidence? I think not.

Pongo is thirsty for Perdi in *101 Dalmations*.

A lot of Disney's earliest animated works have this in common, sadly. The opening sequence of 101 Dalmations is eerily creepy and dripping in sexual innuendo.

Pongo even comments on Perdi's legs!

A contract is a contract in *The Little Mermaid*.

OK, I'll admit that this does seem a bit like a pot and kettle type of situation.

I prefer to believe that the same magic that prevented Triton from physically destroying the contract would have bound Ariel to it. Thoughts?

When art begins imitating real-life...

It's pretty impressive that this Twitter user was able to so succinctly sum up five different films in a single sentence.

you forgot about the affinity for adorable-looking forest creatures!

A subtle burn directed toward Disney Channel alums.

I admit, this one is kind of mean, but, as Cinderella would say, "If the shoe fits, wear it."

Also, sending nothing but love and positivity to Demi Lovato. Stay strong.

*The Lion King*'s Simba meets his celebrity lookalike.

I don't know if this should be taken as a slight against Chris Evans or a compliment for Simba?

Either way, it's absolutely hilarious and totally dead-on. Maybe when they decide to remake the film again in another twenty years, Evans can lend his voice?

The incestuous relationship between Simba and Nala is revealed!

Yeah..."These are the facts of life," so they say.

A pride only ever has one male lion in the bunch. Granted, Simba and Nala would and do have different mothers, but they are 100% half-siblings.

Roz from *Monsters, Inc.* is no Kylie Jenner.

The comparison is hard to ignore. I'm sure Roz would love to hear that she was being compared to Kylie.

I'm not so sure that Kylie would feel the same, however...

A warning to all the Disney Princesses out there!

There is a sort of willful and persistent ignorance that plagues almost every Disney film, wouldn't you agree?

I know it doesn't do well to shine too bright a light on a kids' movie. Still, it makes you think.

The motivation for Sebastian's musical talent in *the Little Mermaid* is revealed.

I always wondered just what exactly Ariel and the other mermen/mermaids ate? It would be kind of sadistic for them to be anything other than vegetarians, wouldn't you think?

Imagine the terror Sebastian would feel knowing he could be gobbled up in the blink of an eye!

Bald jokes are always funny in *Finding Dory*.

That's not just a receding hairline, that's what you call a five-head. I bet Dory's dad doesn't just have dreams, he has movies! I could keep on going but you get the point.

*Aladdin*'s questionable wardrobe choices.

She's got a pretty good point, "Street Rat." Maybe if you ditched the vest for a button-up shirt, people would take you more seriously? The haircut isn't helping either.

Oh god... I've become my father!

The shocking truth behind the death of Belle's mother in *Beauty And The Beast*.

This thing looks like some sort of medieval torture device.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that, in some dark, other-worlds version of Beauty and the Beast, this deathtrap is precisely how Belle's mother met her untimely fate.

The incredible detail in *The Incredibles*.

It's funny because you can almost imagine this conversation taking place.

I can only imagine how tedious something like animating the fray of a sweater must be, but it adds such an underlying element of realness!

Pointing out the inconsistencies in *Cars*.

I'd never thought about this before! It kind of makes sense when you think about it?

But then if the windshields weren't the eyes, wouldn't you be able to see right through the cars? That'd be kind of creepy.

Pointing out that there actually aren't any inconsistencies in *Cars*.

Well then, that explains everything! I don't know precisely how legitimate this image is, but at the very least, it's a very good answer to the proposed question.

The internet wins again!

Getting philosophical with *Toy Story*.

Would you be able to think as a wooden block, even if you couldn't speak? Are you just a lifeless inanimate object? Why are the plastic army men able to talk?

So many questions.

The spin-off the internet is begging for:

They could call it Mustache Men or how about Dads on the Run?!

I never noticed until now but the two do share a striking resemblance with one another. Maybe they're actually distant relatives?

Playing devil's advocate in *Toy Story*.

Yeah. It's really hard to see a child who shows serious psychological red flags like disfiguring and melting toys as being even slightly villainous.

I definitely don't think he had budding emotional problems. Nor do I believe his actions would ever escalate.

Exposing Pixar's recurring theme.

There is a bit of a pattern here, you've got to admit. It would appear that audiences simply can't get enough of anthropomorphic storytelling!

I wonder what phylum they'll tackle next?!

Don't forget to watch the bonus features in *Ratatouille*.

A dark thought, to say the least. Still, it is troublesome to think (especially given the current state of affairs) what the ramifications would be if a rat were actually somehow able to cook and prepare food.

These are the thoughts that keep me up at night after more than 80 days in quarantine, people.

Queen Bey doesn't audition in *The Lion King*.

There's no way she would have auditioned, right? What would you even ask Beyoncé to sing: "Say My Name"?

Personally, I would've done it just to get a private performance.

Explaining the difference between good dolls and bad dolls in *Toy Story 4*.

To be perfectly honest I think that some of the toys in Toy Story 4 are way scarier than Annabelle.

I don't care what anyone else says: Forky is creepy.

*Pinocchio* drowns his sorrows.

Poor Pinocchio. Maybe this would have been the scene had things gone differently inside the belly of the great whale?

Can a wooden puppet get drunk? What's the verdict on that?

The origin story behind *101 Dalmations*.

In all fairness, Disney isn't exactly known for creativity when it comes to naming their films.

Most of the time, it's just a single character's name: Cinderella, Moana, Bambi - you get the point.

A huge missed opportunity in *The Lion King*.

If you aren't a fan of Childish Gambino's music, the line is actually lifted from his song "3005."

I admit that it would have been too much to have Simba say this, but they could have let the track roll at the end credits!

When you realize that *Thor* is actually a Disney princess.

It's a convincing argument, to say the least. Thor is royalty after all and he even has his enchanted hammer, Mjolnir!

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

The case for Olaf in *Frozen 2*.

Olaf can clearly do anything. I, for one, think that a referendum should be held and everyone should vote to make him the new official mascot for the Magic Kingdom.

Out with the old, and in with the Olaf!