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Make A Tasty Cocktail In An Instant With Malibu Rum And Pineapple Juice Packs

When warm weather hits, Malibu rum seems to emerge like a butterfly fresh out of its cocoon. The tropical undertones of the coconut liqueur, mixed with the bottle's palm tree and sunset logo make it feel like an escape to somewhere, anywhere, just not here. If you can't actually be in the tropics, well, you'll be able to transport yourself there through your palate.

Malibu rum is most popularly mixed with pineapple juice, and you can now find packs of the two so you can get right to mixing up a summertime dream!

If your go-to summer drink is a Malibu rum and pineapple juice cocktail, you're in luck!

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That's because people like Instagrammer @readyandfabulous have spotted combo packs with a 1.75L bottle of the coconut rum and a can or bottle of Dole pineapple juice at liquor stores.

When the two are mixed together, it's like an easy piña colada.

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For many, it's the perfect drink to celebrate summer and feel like they're vacationing in the tropics, even if they're in their pyjamas on the back patio.

With convenient combo packs like this, you don't have to make separate trips for your mixer—everything's there that you need!

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Look out for the packs at your local liquor store.

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