18+ People Who Made A Few Enemies

Is there anything more exhilarating than having an enemy? I mean, it's obviously not great, but there's something about having an actual enemy that makes you feel like you're living in a comic-book, I find!

And, while enemies may be hard to come by in today's society, the 18+ people on this list managed to find a way to make enemies for life!

"I get annoyed when my roommate opens a Cheetos bag upside down. But this..."

Reddit | luckydice99

This should be a way for psychiatrists to determine if someone is a psychopath. If they open it like this, then move away slowly.

"My daughter wanted to have a prank war one night, thankfully I turned on the light before jumping into bed..."


I think that this person may need to have a chat with their daughter about the difference between a prank and assault! Still, pretty funny though!

"My roommate got a food saver. I hate him."

Reddit | caffeinateintoxicate

I don't know what you're getting so annoyed about? Now your scissors won't be going off. You should be thanking him!

"How My Dad Cuts Cake."

Reddit | ttam_rates_memes

I mean, there is just no way that someone can really think that this is okay? Their dad must be messing with them?

"Do not get angry hedgehogs, never...never."

Reddit | sonmbog

I don't know what she did to annoy that hedgehog, but she really must have pissed it off! Nose injuries take forever to heal as well!

The Time Has Arrived!

Reddit | AayKay

Is there anything more annoying than glitter? I mean, it's great in the short term and all that, but you only have to look at a picture of glitter to start finding it all around your house.

"When you're having fun until that annoying friend shows up."

Reddit | HDerrick

"What a wonderful day we're having outside. Glad to finally get away from Allan for a while."

"Max! There you are. Wanna play with my new toys?! Max!"

"See what I'm dealing with?"

"Parents, how's that home schoolin' going?"

Reddit | wetbudha

Homeschooling can be a really difficult experience...he says, having never done it and being very thankful for that fact.

The Ghostly Banana Prank

Reddit | seabassseabreeze

The person who posted this explained, "I love scratching haunting things into bananas at the market so when people take them home hours later and the words appear they think a ghost knows their secrets."

"Superpower: Ability to Annoy My Wife."

Reddit | Dr3s4ng

I cannot imagine how long that must have taken to get in like that, or how damn long it must have taken to get out!

"Wife's school had BBQ for Teacher Appreciation week, she was excited there was a vegetarian option! It was a potato with BBQ sauce."

Reddit | Dmed24

"How do you like your potato? With BBQ sauce, or without?"

"Is there anything else to choose from?"

"Ooooh, la de da, is our potato and sauce not good enough for you?"


"Every day, for 3 years, I sent my friend photos of this strange dog because it thoroughly annoyed him. Then I decided to step up my game..."

Reddit | owelulus

While this was done to annoy and infuriate their friend, the person who posted this went on to say that this now hangs with pride on their friend's wall. Not the intended effect, but still...

"My Name is Ian and I Hate Starbucks!"

Reddit | Gomets51

I mean, that would wear you down over time! I don't know how some of these baristas get these simple names so wrong?

"$1 Prank."

Reddit | Amieisrad

Sure, it might only be a prank that costs $1, however, the effect that you get will be worth much, much more than that!

"Angry Birds!"

Reddit | commodore-69

It is actually quite impressive that the owner of this car managed to annoy every single bird in his neighborhood!

"Coworkers Need To Sort Their Cake-Cutting Game Out!"

Reddit | ttam_rates_memes

What is wrong with people? How are people this messed up in the head? I'd be straight on the phone to HR.

"Someone tagged up an Aldi."

Reddit | quicksilver3453

I've heard that Aldi's nuts are wonderful when roasted at Christmas. Nothing like the taste of Aldi's nuts at the holiday season.

"When your annoying cousin is visiting."

Reddit | NightmarishPT

My nan used to do stuff like this. I mean, I didn't mind that she bought the cheap cola, it was the fact that she tried to hide it!

"Husband hates small quantities of leftovers in the fridge. My son pranked him by filling 22 containers, each with one strand of spaghetti."

Reddit | nonnahinnor

"Hey, do you fancy spaghetti for dinner?"

"Sure, just give me twenty minutes to get out enough spaghetti for everyone."

"Wife doesn't want our son's face on social media, so asked me to censor it. Needless to say, I won't be asked to do that again."

Reddit | MoeHanzeR

As it turns out. this is actually a quite serious medical condition called "Emojitis." It is affecting more and more babies born each year.

"My boss said he was nervous that I was configuring our client's new computer on the ground. I decided to prank him."

Reddit | Win_in_Roam

Wow, of all the people you're thinking of pranking and potentially making an enemy out of, your boss is quite a self-destructive choice!

"I'd like to speak to the PetSmart manager."

Reddit | texican1911

"I'm sorry ma'am, but we just can't give you all of those chew toys for free."

"Bark, bark bark, woof!"

"I can call the manager over but they're not going to tell you anything different."

"How I made the office IT guy hate me."

Reddit | skeletonclock

That is one hell of a surefire way to get all of the fun websites blocked on your work computer. I hope he at least got a laugh out of it!

"My sister lined up my dad's garden ornaments to annoy him, her dog thought he was one of them."

Reddit | DuckQueen

"So, what are we queuing for, guys? I hope it's walks or snacks! Is it walks or snacks, tell me what you know?!"

"The definition of sworn enemies in one picture."

Reddit | Tuplad

"Hey, what are you looking at?"

"Oh, you got a problem pal?"

"You bet I do. You're lucky I can't come over there!"

"No, you're lucky that I can't come over there!"

"Hello? Is this the shop that previously worked on this Nissan and left half the bolts out of the subframe, trans pan, and loose mounts? I found your phone."

Reddit | Franklyimfrank

If you're going to do a terrible, and dangerous, job on something, then always make sure not to leave your damn phone as an easy way to contact you.

"How to annoy everybody at the same time."

Reddit | BeyondMusing

Yep, that'll do it! If you could somehow squeeze in a Lord Of The Rings reference, then it really would encompass all of the most sensitive fan bases.

"My girlfriend is short and hates pranks."

Reddit | hawtcore

"So, why are you signing up for the speed dating night?"

"Well, my girlfriend is short and hates pranks so I..."

"Say no more, I can see where this is going. Take a seat."

"I wonder who ate my lipstick."

Reddit | sYndrome

The good news is it seems like the culprit absolutely rocks that color.

"Kids wanted their heads shaved for summer. Mom said okay. Not sure we were on the same page."

Reddit | coolislandbreeze

Personally, I think kids really have the greatest sense of style because they truly do not care what they look like. They shave their head like this and love it. It's incredible.

"No judgement zone."

Reddit | -wholesome

A continuation on the last thought of kids having the best sense of style. I hope to see this outfit + the previous haircut on runways next season.

Hostile Design.

Reddit | dat_sylveon

This is a great prank! If you want to be liable for dozens of twisted ankles and bruised tailbones.

"My friend was at the airport, and this old French woman just did not care."

Reddit | djTrip9

You can see the look in her eyes... She doesn't care if you have a connection you need to make. You're going to wait behind her.

"Discovered my sister was pure evil in 1988."

Reddit | mikebianchini

Let's be honest, was there any purer joy in childhood than rightfully tattling on someone else? Or was I just also evil?

"Stumbled upon the genius prank idea."

Reddit | pivottofakie

A user in the comments wrote this: "I rigged an airhorn to the passenger seat in my sister's car. It took some work, but I got it so the horn would sound only when someone sat down in the seat. Naturally, that day was her wedding."

That much more evil than the original prank. Kudos.

"Whenever I was annoying my Grandpa, he'd do this."

Reddit | Schnox

For being suspended in a tree by his coat, that kid looks pretty dang happy about it.

"This fake clock in bus station."

Reddit | FluxSeeds

I think if I ever saw this somewhere I'd make a vow to never return. That's too anxiety-inducing for my sensibilities.

Holiday Cheer.

Reddit | Shaine_Memes

The "idiot sister" on the name tag confirms that this was not done with lighthearted joking spirits... This was done out of malice and disdain, to cause true suffering.

"This guy said he was getting annoyed with the whole situation."

Reddit | smcanarchy

In everyone else's defense, this looks exactly like what the owner of "the Amber Alert car" would do.

"At night, the otherwise harmless brodie foodmart turns evil."

Reddit | TheCussingEdge

This looks like some foreshadowing in a zombie movie, like this is where the outbreak starts or where a lovable sidekick gets bit.

"They have no clue I'm in the car. Should I honk?"

Reddit | trstmeimadoctor

I'm sure her reaction would make for that perfect Instagram pic they've been trying for.

"My friend's cat had surgery and now he has no pants."

Reddit | edwardhowrongtu

There's fire in those eyes. Very much a "next time just let me die" kind of look.

"What a hero!"

Reddit | J_E_y_E

That takes some gall to just stand there in that shirt as though it's nothing. I mean, to front two famous people like that, major respect.

Teaching Distrust.

Reddit | verious_

Truly the only thing that could make this worse is to have one answer that breaks the pattern. Gotta keep students on their toes.

"Best office prank ever."

Reddit | FranksRumHam

That's not just going to be a one-time prank! People are going to be having garlic-flavored coffee for months after this!