Bored Mom On TikTok Makes Viral Videos After Drawing Eyebrows On Her Baby

Being in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic has been extremely hard on many people. There's virtually not much to do when you're stuck in the house for so many days in a row. Things start to get boring and sour day after day. Watching movies and playing board games just don't cut it for us anymore. Many are struggling with finding some humor in these trying times.

For parents at home, things aren't getting any easier.

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While some states and cities have eased up on their restrictions with quarantines, others are keeping them up. As it turns out, the spread of the virus is starting to slow down.

However, many are worried about a second wave.

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With the coronavirus being so new, it's hard for doctors to tell just how bad things will be. For the foreseeable future, many doctors say things will simply be unpredictable.

What we do know is that social distancing does save lives.

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To stop the spread, experts are saying that social distancing is the key. Staying away from others who may have been exposed or have the virus itself can help stop the spread of infection.

One mom found a hilarious way to keep herself preoccupied while staying at home.

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TikTok user and mom Morgan decided that she would play around with her daughter, Leighton Mae Rose, and upload the video to the popular video sharing platform. Lucky for her, it went viral.

Morgan told The Post that, "TikTok seems to be the thing to do during quarantine."

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Clearly, her baby was not harmed during this funny little video. She told The Post:

"We thought it would be funny to see the expressions she makes paired with the brows!"

Since she posted the video on April 8th, it's gained over one million viewers.

TikTok | MissMoxoxo

The video showcases her daughter's hilarious expressions with some very, very thick drawn on eyebrows. To be honest, the videos are hilarious and her expressions are that much better with the eyebrows.

Many TikTok users thought it was absolutely hilarious.

TikTok | MissMoxoxo

Many of the users said it was hilarious and a great idea for a good laugh. Others said that the baby looks, "5 months old and 50 years old at the same time."

Of course, parenting and sharing it online always comes with some mom-shaming.

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Some TikTok users reportedly said that the mom was absolutely wrong for, "doing this to a baby." Of course, it was for laughs and giggles and it was completely safe and easy to wash off.

Luckily, Morgan was unfazed by the negative feedback.

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Morgan admitted that she never really reads the comments on her TikTok videos because she doesn't want to hear the negativity. She said:

"People can be so cruel on the Internet."

She's not wrong, but, we're glad to see she's keeping that fun spirit alive!