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Justin Bieber Faces Backlash For Telling Hailey Baldwin Not To Touch Him During Livestream

Every relationship is different and comes with different comfort levels and different boundaries. And that can be tough to navigate for any couple, let alone one that is spending so much of their relationship out in the public eye.

Justin and Hailey Bieber have recently learned that the public can have opinions on those boundaries even when they're not directly involved in them.

Fans have had opinions on Justin's treatment of Hailey for a while.

Last year, a video clip went viral of Justin escaping paparazzi while leaving Hailey behind as she falls, which fans found disrespectful.

"He's such a child it's laughable. Not a smidge of courtesy / chivalry in him, not even for his own wife," one fan replied.

Many fans expressed that they felt bad for Hailey.

"If god forbid I had a husband like this, I refuse to be his wife from that second onwards. That's outright disrespectful. He had shown 0% courtesy towards his wife," one fan tweeted about the event.

Hailey attempted to clear up the subject with her own response.

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Saying "That's what happens when you try to chase your friend through Times Square on a skateboard," Hailey appeared to laugh off the incident, prompting some fans to joke about either Hailey or Justin "friendzoning" the other.

Another video of Justin being "disrespectful" to Hailey went viral earlier this month.

In this video, after a fan asks a question that Hailey answers, Justin says, "They were asking me," and then laughs and says, "They were asking me, 'cause it's my lyme disease." And, as Hailey explains why she answered, Justin continues to speak.

"Listen here, woman," Justin says as he cuts her off.

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The couple both laugh and Hailey replies, "Yeah, that's the attitude," sarcastically before the video clip ended, which rubbed fans the wrong way.

Their latest interaction that has gone viral comes from another Instagram Live clip.

Justin began receiving backlash after this clip from an Instagram livestream went viral on TikTok.

In the video, Justin can clearly be heard telling Hailey "babe, I just, I can't, don't touch me right now," before Hailey pulls her arms away. While the context of him saying this was not immediately clear, fans online began commenting on the "disrespect" of this action.

Some fans felt that Justin shouldn't have spoken to her that way on a livestream.

"I watched the video where justin bieber didn't want to be touched by hailey... I don’t like hailey but girl that boy ain’t [expletive] u deserve better than that just saying," one fan tweeted in response to the video.

Others tried to provide more context to defend Justin.

While one fan tweeted, "idk what the context was of this live like if they were talking about something serious but that is sooo humiliating," others explained that Justin was giving an example about setting boundaries in a relationship and not explicitly telling Hailey to not touch him herself.

Others felt like, even if it was directly meant for Hailey, Justin had a right to express his boundaries.

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"Sometimes ppl just don't want to be touched man she isn't entitled to his body whenever," one fan wrote on Instagram.

What do you think? Was Justin being dismissive towards Hailey, or does he have the right to express his discomfort? Let us know in the comments!

Lots of Justin and Hailey's fans have gone online to show their support for the couple.

"I swear Justin & Hailey were meant to be. watching them together, they are so happy and content. them two being married I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. i Stan a beautiful marriage," one fan tweeted about all of their video content during quarantine.

As for the Biebers, it doesn't seem like they're letting the backlash get to them.

The two have continued to upload videos together, including most recently a baking video on their series The Biebers on Facebook Watch.

I don't know about you, but they don't look bothered to me!