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Lady Gaga Fans Are 'Pranking' FedEx By Claiming The Singer Almost Ran Them Over

In the most bizarre and TBH confusing news story of the week, Lady Gaga fans have been pranking FedEx by claiming the singer was a driver for the delivery company and almost hit them with her truck.

If that sounds totally CWAZY and not something true fans of an artist would do, then you are not alone in your confusion because I too am very confused.

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself driving a truck decked out in her upcoming album Chromatica's artwork. She was serving truck driver REALNESS!

"Delivering #Chromatic myself to every retailer around the world... in Chromatic time and distance does not exist," she wrote.

On Wednesday, Lady Gaga fan account @ChromaticaGov pulled a *wild* prank on FedEx and claimed that Gaga had "almost hit" them with one of their delivery trucks, posting the picture of the singer driving her Chromatic truck.

Twitter | @ChromaticGov

This is of course NOT a FedEx truck and Gaga is NOT a FedeX DRIVER.

Alongside the pic of Gaga the account wrote, "@FedEx @FedExHelp this woman almost hit me while driving down my block delivering packages for you."

"I wrote her plates down just in time," they continued, "it read '[expletic]WGN' please do something immediately."

Of course, "[expletive]WGN" refers to a truck called the '[expletive] Wagon," which Gaga and Beyonce drive around in during their iconic 2010 "Telephone" music video.

In response to the fan account's FAKE tweet, a poor member from FedExHelp replied, "Hello, this is Lisa. I'm sorry to hear of this incident. Please DM as much information as possible. Name, address, phone number, email address, truck number, and if it was a FedEx Express, Ground, or Home Delivery truck so that I can report this to the appropriate station."

Twitter | @FedExHelp

But the madness didn't stop there!

Another fan joined in on the prank, tweeting, "This same woman threw a package at my head and called me the f word!"

This person also received assistance from a FedEx employee, "Hello, this is Sara. I truly apologize for the trouble," they tweeted. "Please DM your name, address, city, state, zip code, tracking number or the truck number, license plate, date/time of occurrence, phone number, and email address. I will be happy to research."

Needless to say, these two tweets turned into several hundred fake tweets about Lady Gaga *and* the FedEx worker's Sara and Lisa!

As you may know, Lady Gaga released a new song with Ariana Grande called "Rain On Me" last week, and many believe this was a publicly stunt to get Twitter's attention focused on the new song.

What do you think of the prank? Let us know in the comments below!

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