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Hailey Baldwin Shuts Down Claims That She Got Plastic Surgery: 'So Crazy'

Hailey Balwin has recently decided to put her foot down, speaking out against the incessant claims that she has secretly had plastic surgery — insisting that the so-called transformation she has undergone from the time she was 13 was a natural glow-up.

She took to Instagram to shut down the rumors once and for all. Hopefully, people will believe her this time!

For the past couple of months, side-by-side photos of Hailey Baldwin from when she was a young teenager and *now* have been circulating the Internet.

The subtle but noticeable differences have given some folks the impression that Hailey has altered her appearance by undergoing plastic surgery of some kind.

Hailey isn't the first model to recently have to defend herself on this topic.

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Just last week, Gigi Hadid had to set the record straight about never going under the knife in an Instagram live-stream interview.

It was with Maybelline makeup artist, Erin Parsons in honor of Fashion Week.

In the past, Gigi's mom, Yolanda, has confirmed that none of ther children have had cosmetic procedures done.

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"None of my children have ever done fillers or Botox or put anything foreign in their bodies, they know better after seeing what I went through," she wrote on Instagram in 2018.

But since announcing her pregnancy, Gigi has needed to reiterate that she has never dabbled in cosmetic procedures such as fillers and plastic surgery.

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“It’s so funny, the things you see online. People think that I shape my brows, like I shape my brows really arched," Gigi told Erin.

"If you look at baby pictures of me, I’ve had these crazy arched brows since I was born," she added.

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"Also that people think I do fillers on my face and that’s why my face is round—I’ve had this since I was born."

"Especially fashion month, when I was already, like, a few months preggo, you know," she said. I think I, like, have the cheeks already, so it’s like there’s not a lot to, like, fill in….Don’t worry."

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"I’m happy with the natural process of the world," she added. “[My face] slimmed down for sure [since I was 17]".

She explained that she doesn't think permenant cosmetic surgery is something to be taken lightly, but often is.

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"But also, it’s like, I think that people are, like, so fast to do permanent things to their face."

Anyways, I digress. Last week a plastic surgeon named Dr. Daniel Barrett, made a TikTok video that accuses Hailey of having quite a bit of work done.

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According to E! News, Hailey's husband, Justin Bieber, confronted the surgeon by taking legal action.

A cease and desist letter was sent to the surgeon, as he used Hailey's “name, image and likeness” to “commercially advertise your plastic surgery practice and to spread false, uncorroborated claims that Mrs. Bieber has undergone plastic surgery.”

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But the surgeon retaliated by making a statement online, defending his actions.

"The purpose of my TikTok account is to increase the transparency of plastic surgery and to educate people about plastic surgery," he wrote.

"The purpose of the video was not to disparage Hailey Bieber in any way," he continued.

"The purpose of my video was to share my opinion about the procedures that I believed she may have had done based on photos alone."

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"This is at the request of many of my viewers who follow me for this type of information and for my opinion," he concluded.

Hailey, herself, also shut down the claims in an Instagram comment, assuring fans that she has never had plastic surgery.

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“I’ve never touched my face," she wrote. "So If you’re gonna sit around and compare me at 13, and then me at 23".

"At least use a natural photo that wasn’t edited so crazy," she added.

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To further solidify her point, she has posted a side-by-side photo of herself and her mom, Kennya Baldwin, around the same age.

“Mama," she captioned the throwback photo. “me + mom," she captioned another.

It's clear that she and her mom share similar, natural features!

Besides, people often underestimate the power of makeup. It can make a big difference and give some people the impression that plastic surgery was involved.

Do you think that Hailey Baldwin has had plastic surgery?

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Do you think that taking legal action against Dr. Daniel Barrett was the right response?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!