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Queen Elizabeth Commented On Archie's Red Hair, Says He Takes After Prince Harry: Source

According to the Times Queen Elizabeth is keeping connected with her family the same way most of us are these days, through some cute lil' Zoom calls! Isn't that just the sweetest thing?!

Apparently on these calls, the Queen has noticed her grandson Archie bares a strong resemblance to his father, Prince Harry, and I, for one, couldn't agree more!

It's no secret Meghan and Harry are thriving in their new life in California.

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Harper's Bazaar reported the sweet couple celebrated their two year wedding anniversary earlier this month with margarita's and some of their fav dishes from a fabulous local Mexican restaurant!

The couple's low-key living also applied to their son Archie's first birthday.

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A source told People Archie's first birthday featured a strawberries and cream smash cake made by his mom and a playdate with his two best friends, the family dogs!

"They Zoomed with godparents, friends and family and had a really simple but incredibly joyous day."

Amongst the family's many Zoom calls includes one from Archie's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth! I wonder if she had any technical difficulties like *most* grandmothers are having with Zoom!

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The Times reported that the young family video chatted with the Queen last month for her 94th birthday. How sweet?!

According to the "Times," the Queen "is said to have noted that Archie has his father’s red hair" during their conversation.

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The boys two truly look like one another and it's so precious to see! The Queen must be bursting with pride at her beautiful grandson!

I'm happy to hear the whole family is keeping in touch on special occasions, even during these unprecedented times! WE LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

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Do you think baby Archie looks like his dad?! Let us know in the comments below!

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