10+ Clever Tattoo Fixes That Made Mistakes A Thing Of The Past

Everybody makes mistakes in their life — that's unavoidable. Some are bigger than others, and then there are those that teach you a lesson.

The same can be said about tattoos: some turn out fabulous while others leave you wondering what went wrong. And, there are those times when a tattoo can be your saving grace in covering up a previous mistake.

1. This Hula Girl

Reddit | hula_eve

Oh my gosh, this tattoo of a hula girl looks pretty laughable. I give this person a C for trying but an F in the end as it totally failed. Thank goodness it got fixed up.

2. This Leopard Eye

Wow, I feel bad for this person who thought they were getting a detailed and realistic leopard eye design. Then, they ended up with this mess. Finally, somebody was up to the task to fix this mistake. Nice!

3. This Crooked Cross

Is it just me or does this cross look a little crooked? I think what they did with this cover-up is simply amazing. It's a totally different picture and vibe now. I absolutely love it.

4. This Gorgeous Rose

Sometimes you settle upon a tattoo that's just too small for any real detail to show. It's better to go bigger especially when you've got an artist as talented as this one. This is so lovely.

5. This Black And White Rose

I can't believe somebody was able to fix this tattoo. I never would have thought it would be possible. But somehow, whatever they did here totally worked. This new version is cleaner and better.

6. This Blurry Mess

This is what happens when you get a tattoo from a person who isn't experienced. They clearly didn't get the right ink into this tattoo and now it's totally faded. This fixed version is really awesome though.

7. This Awful Dragon

Speaking of a mess, this tattoo isn't much better. Yes, it's bold that's for sure, but you can't see anything. Better to settle on a cleaner design that can stand out more like this polished version of some ancient ruins.

8. This Amazing Tiger

I have no idea what the heck was going on with this person's arm tattoo. What was the point of it? It's so much better now as they ended up with a spectacular tiger that looks totally mind-blowing.

9. This Hummingbird

I absolutely love hummingbirds; they're so fantastical. But, not when they look as pitiful as this one. I'm thrilled this girl settled upon a dot work tattoo that turned out as awesome as this. Isn't this gorgeous?

10. This Dog

Reddit | Captainnawesomee

I've been thinking of getting a tribute tattoo of my dog that passed away, but getting the right detail and the dog's expression is always key. This first tattoo didn't cut it. The second is more like it.

11. This Colorful Peacock

Reddit | m-o-u-se

I always find peacocks so fascinating. If you're going to get a tattoo of one, it better show off all its glory. This first tattoo did just the opposite. Now, this girl must be so thrilled with her new ink.

12. This Lotus Flower

Here's an example of why you should never get someone's name tattoed on your back.... unless it's your mom or dad. Ha, ha! I'm happy to see that this lotus flower covered it up just fine.

13. This Fierce Lion

I dunno what this person was thinking with this badly executed butterfly tattoo. It probably looked better originally but it definitely didn't stand the test of time. Now, this lion tattoo cover-up is bold and beautiful to boot.

Just when I thought a tattoo couldn't get fixed up turns out it's possible.

All you need to do is to find the right artist who's up to the task. These folks got so lucky their mistakes got taken care of.

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