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Bonnie Hunt And 'Cheaper By The Dozen Cast' Recreate Iconic Breakfast Scene Virtually

If there's one silver lining to all the mayhem in the world lately, it's definitely virtual cast reunions!

We've seen so many former casts pull together lately to raise funds for different organizations.

One of the most recent ones to do so was the cast of Cheaper by the Dozen! You're going to want to see this, it is so cute.

While Bonnie Hunt hasn't really been in the news as of late, Hilary Duff has been busy with virtual reunions lately!

Instagram | @hilaryduff

On May 11, the former Disney star got together with the cast of Lizzie McGuire to do a table read of the famous bra episode from Season 1.

As you can imagine, it was hilarious.

"We could not stop laughing reading lines from tween us..." Hilary captioned the post on Instagram.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

"This is the first time we were all 'together-ish' in almost 18 years!"

She also included a Zoom recording of the reunited cast.

This included Adam Lamberg (Gordo), Lalaine (best friend Miranda), Hallie Todd (mom Jo), and Robert Carradine (father Sam).

It was a fitting time to recreate the iconic episode since it had first aired 19 years ago that week.

The even sang the show's theme song together, although it was pretty out-of-sync.

For this, Hilary offered up an explanation:

Instagram | @hilaryduff

"Do excuse our delayed singing...we will be taking singing lessons as a group to work on our craft!!" Hilary wrote in her caption.

Good singing or terrible singing, it was just so nice to see our faves back together again!

After all, it may be the only reunion that *Lizzie McGuire* fans are going to see.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

While production on a revival for the show was set at Disney+, that soon all changed when original series creator and revival showrunner Terri Minsky was fired after filming just two episodes.

Later, Hilary explained that the show's PG rating was a major reason as to why the revival fell through.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

"I'd be doing a disservice to everyone by limiting the realities of a 30-year-old's journey to live under the ceiling of a PG rating." she shared on Instagram.

And now to Bonnie Hunt!

Hunt has a tone of movies under her belt, for both doing voice work and creating, writing, and producing a great number of them.

She is one of the greatest actresses ever, and with good reason.

In the remake of the 1950 original film, she played Kate Baker.

She also starred in the film's sequel, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, which hit theatres in 2005.

This movie also featured Eugene Levy from American Pie and most recently, Schitts Creek.

For the virtual reunion, Hunt got together with her movie daughter, Hilary Duff, to share a video compilation.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

In it, some of the cast members recreated their characters' most iconic scenes from the 2003 movie.

The video included stars Piper Perabo, Alyson Stoner, Blake Woodruff, Kevin G. Schmidt, and Jonathan Jacob.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

Twins Brent Kinsman and Forrest Landis also made an epic appearance!

The virtual reunion of the cast was done to raise money for No Kid Hungry.

"Surprise! From the Baker family to yours. We are all in this together. #wearefamily," Duff wrote in her Instagram caption.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

"Help feed families with us," she added, before tagging all of the actors in the video.

The only ones missing were Steve Martin, the Baker patriarch, Tom, and Tom Welling, the Bakers' oldest son, Charlie.

The first recreation that fans saw in the clip was Hilary recreating this epic face mask scene.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

In it, she squeals out "dad, college guys?!" since Tom had brought home his college football guys for practice without telling anyone.

Next up were the twins showing off their muscles.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

One major thing people will notice is how different most of the cast looks today!

Since most of the actors were kids when they filmed the 2003 film, they've all grown up so much since then.

Alyson Stoner had to use someone else to recreate her scene with Steve Martin:

Instagram | @hilaryduff

She also left an amazing comment on the Instagram post for Hilary:

"Can you help me do my makeup for my date with Elliot Murtaugh tonight?" This is the same line she asked Lorraine in the second film!

And of course, the beautiful image of Bonnie Hunt.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

As an author in the film, she was seen typing away her computer, next to a copy of the book, Cheaper by the Dozen.

What a super sweet video to bestow on fans.