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15+ Tiny Things We Didn't Know Could Be So Small

It's only natural that things that are small might easily pass beneath our notice. We're only human, after all. We exist on a scale at which we can't catch absolutely everything, and even if we did, we don't really have the attention spans for it.

So, here are a bunch of tinier things we would never have expected to be so small, and that somebody out there took the time to notice.

This praying mantis is absolutely wee.

Reddit | fblake91

It's so tiny I'm amazed anybody even found it in their garden. Sure, it's bound to grow up into the mighty mantis we all know and respect, but for now, it's just a teensy insect trying to make its way in the world.

It's going to take a lot more popcorn at this size to make it movie worthy.


And how does one even make such minuscule popcorn? By microwaving bird seed, of course. No word on how it tastes compared to traditional popcorn, but if it's slathered in enough butter, how bad could it be?

What you do with that information is up to you.

Printing such small books must save on raw material costs.

Reddit | WsntGrantedMastrRank

But you'd need a magnifying glass to read one, don't you think? It's certainly a novel way to make a kid's book though, and Cracker Jack definitely made worse prizes to find in their candy.

Some turtles and tortoises are downright dinosaurs, but not this little one.

Reddit | brocknachos

Well, maybe it will be one day. But you'd almost think this turtle is just about fresh from the egg for how teeny it is.

"My friend mailed me this very tiny package," wrote the uploader of this pic.

Reddit | ohconnor7122

And it hardly looks big enough for a stamp, let alone an address. No word on what is so small and special enough to require its own little packaging like that, however.

I'm sure we can all imagine something cool, though.

Someone's bed frame came with this little ratcheting wrench.

Reddit | jimp84

Which is amazing: something that's actually made more useful by being smaller. Finally, someone has improved upon the traditional Allen keys that always leave a dent in my fingers.

It must have taken some seriously delicate work to make such a small paper crane.

Reddit | spidey_boii

And I applaud that work - I know I can't even make a normal-sized paper crane, let alone one that can barely even cast a shadow. Well done.

A water cooler maintenance business used this tiny water cooler as a business card.

Reddit | ajchann123

Hey, you want your business to stick out in someone's memory, right? This will do the trick much better than a traditional business card. Seems well worth the price to me.

Not sure why anybody would make a stop sign so small.


Maybe there was some kind of metal shortage? But this stop sign is so small it borders on unsafe.

You really want them to be big, bold, and noticeable. Sure, this one has some novelty potential, but that's probably asking a lot of drivers to spot it.

Would you even taste this grape?

Reddit | lavapirana

Because you sure wouldn't have to chew it. You could pop it like a pill and never feel it on the way down. Heck, it looks like it could get stuck in your teeth like a piece of spinach.

"Today on the river, I found a small piece of quartz with a tiny piece of gold in it," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | Caravan-Gaming

You just know they examined that little piece of quartz up close for a long time before discovering that fleck of gold in it. Just goes to show that careful examination and taking your time can be worth it.

This wrench has to be a toy, right?

Reddit | yourlocalfatguy

It's not that I don't think it could turn a minuscule bolt or anything, just that I doubt there are bolts so small that they need a wrench like this.

Only Bob the Builder would put that in his tool belt.

"A tiny wallet my dad made, complete with credit cards."

Reddit | Ultra9TMB

I would ask why anybody would make such a small wallet, but I'm not sure the answer even matters. What's important is the attention to detail - and the fact that it's so small that it couldn't possibly hold actual money.

Yep, that's a starfish.

Reddit | PacificKestrel

I know, it looks like it's made of felt or should be attached to a child's school work, or be topping a cupcake or something, but it's a real animal.

Even at their largest, asterina starfish are only about 2 cm in size.

I guess it makes some sense that snails would be this small at some point in their lives.

Reddit | Silboo

But like so many small things, you just never see them, do you? I can't recall ever finding snails that weren't already at least the size of a nickle crawling through the garden or along the sidewalk.

Well, this could get awkward.

Reddit | once-upon-a-pine

And it doesn't look like the bathroom at a preschool facility, so it appears to be for adult use. So, uh, good luck with that. Hope there are plenty of cleaning materials handy, just in case.

When playing with a deck of cards like this, do you have poker fingertips instead of poker hands?

Reddit | theelephantscafe

And do you shuffle them by just kind of dropping them on the table and swishing them around? Can magicians do tricks with these? I have so many useless questions.

Remember when phones were all just getting smaller and smaller?

Reddit | jmdeprado8

I didn't think they got quite this small, however. Even flip phones were a bit larger. I don't know how you'd even properly talk to another person on this thing.

"The smallest maple tree leaf I’ve ever seen."

Reddit | bukunothing

I will second that. Of course, I'm used to seeing maple leaves that you could use as a place mat, or wrap a book in, or use as a makeshift hand fan. They grow 'em big around here.

Aren't park benches supposed to seat at least two people?

Reddit | TotallyInnocentDude

I've seen wider seats on airplanes. So much for pausing your romantic stroll along the river bank with a cuddle on this bench.

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