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Odd Mansion For Sale Has A Life-Size Christmas Village In Its Basement

Do you ever stumble upon real estate listings that make you think, "If only I was ridiculously rich"? Some of those homes are so extravagant that only those with unlimited funds could people possibly afford such luxury.

Case in point here. This mansion is not only impressive in size but it actually has its own life-size Christmas village in the basement! What?

From the outside, this house looks majestic and gorgeous.

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And if you have a cool $4.5-million handy, maybe you could even afford to own this home. Besides being the grand mansion of many people's dreams, this home also comes with a unique feature: a life-size Christmas village.

Yes, you heard me right. This gated estate on four acres comes with an unusual surprise.

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It has a full-on Christmastime street village right in its basement. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this before. OMG, amazing.

I mean just get a load of this!

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I feel like I've escaped my real life and got trapped in some kind of time warp which transported me into this cool little village. Ha, ha! How did they even do that?

Check out this old school car. It totally belongs in this scene.

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I can't get over the detail that went into decorating this place. Even down to the little gingerbread men on the windows. This brick is also a nice touch.

Who did they hire to decorate this place? I would like to know.

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Because this person or persons obviously put a lot of effort and craftsmanship to create an unbelievable Christmas-themed space like this. This is totally blowing me away.

There's even a sign for a tattoo shop and a massage parlor.

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Wow, these folks are surely one of a kind. Who would go through so much trouble to create this in their basement? LOL! I can't even fathom.

If the Christmas village wasn't enough, there's also this playroom. If this isn't a child's dream play space I really dunno what is.

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Talk about spoiling your kid with this set up here. A child could lose some serious hours playing in this room. So lucky.

Maybe they created this space so the whole family can play hide and seek? Huh?

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That would be so fun in this place. But then they decided to take it up a notch and make it all Christmas themed.

If you weren't impressed enough entering the place I bet you would once you step foot inside.

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It looks to me like some sort of Renaissance mansion you might have stayed at a long time ago. This view is spectacular.

Wow, look at this interior. It's like you're entering a hotel or something.

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Now on to your seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms in the main house. There's also a two-bedroom guest house with a full kitchen, and a pool house with full kitchen and bath.

And of course, they have a grand piano, too.

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Why would you even have a mansion without that? Right? The property also includes a lighted and newly resurfaced tennis court and a heated pool. Not too shabby, I say.

Folks on Twitter have been having a field day talking about this extravagant house.

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They had plenty to say about the Christmas-themed basement and all its detail. Some of their comments have been totally hilarious for obvious reasons. LOL!

I dunno if I would go that far. LOL.

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That's being a little bit too presumptious about the owners of this house. Don't you think? Perhaps they're just huge fans of Christmas and had the money to go for it.

Then this person had a point too. Apparently, Barbara Streisand has something similar in her basement.

Perhaps they did steal the idea from her after all. Ha, ha! If I had the money I would probably go a little wild, too.

So what's your verdict? Is this totally cool or completely insane?

I gotta saym I do like this idea, even though I can't take too much Christmas. But for that one month out of the year, I would love this.