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Aldi Is Selling Bagels That Are Basically Breakfast Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

If you've had Hawaiian sweet rolls before, you know how addicting they are. They're sweet, fluffy, and you don't even need any extra condiments to make them better. They're a stand alone treat that is honestly the highlight of my Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, nothing's stopping you from mowing down on them for breakfast, but Aldi is selling Hawaiian bagels that make them a heartier breakfast option. And I'll tell ya, they certainly make mornings a lot more exciting!

Get ready to turn breakfast into a whole luau, because Aldi is selling Hawaiian sweet roll-inspired bagels.

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Instagrammer recently discovered them and is a BIG fan.

"Y’all, these are AMAZING!! Sweet, chewy, and toasted up so nice!," they wrote, giving them a perfect 10/10 rating.

The bagels are nicely pre-sliced and come in packs of six for $1.99.

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They also contain a hefty 10 grams of protein, so you can feel good about eating them.

The sweet flavor would be amazing to complement a breakfast sandwich filled with some slices of ham, Swiss cheese, and a fried egg.

Of course, they would also be delightful just slathered with butter. Like the rolls, they really don't need anything complicated to make them any better than they already are!

If your Aldi doesn't have them, you can find similar bagels at Walmart.


The packs of 5 bagels are $3 online.

No matter where you find them, Hawaiian bagels are definitely a new item to add to the weekly grocery list if you haven't already.