Fuel Your Bartending Skills With A Clever Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

They don't call get togethers and parties "entertaining" for no reason. People want to be amused and delighted when they head to someone's home for an evening out. But what if it's just you, and maybe your partner, and your dogs just casually hanging out on a Friday evening by yourselves? You deserve to be entertained by your own household commodities!

That's why a gas pump liquor dispenser is a great staple for your at-home bar setup.

There are plenty of wild and wacky bar accessories out there, and this gas pump liquor dispenser is no exception.


It's actually quite clever and very functional!

The silvery dispenser is in a fun retro-inspired gas pump shape, complete with a "Filler Up" globe at the top, and the script, "High Octane/Contains Alcohol" on the body.


The plastic chamber of the pump holds up to 32 ounces of alcohol, with markings that show you how much is in there, so you'll definitely be able to tell if someone's sneaking some drinks behind your back.

The best part is the small nozzle that dispenses alcohol with a squeeze of the handle, just like the nozzles at gas stations.


It's just such a fun way to display your booze, make cocktails ready-to-drink, and easily pour your favorite alcohol, like wine.

You'll definitely be fuelling your cocktail cravings after mixing a drink from this dispenser!


Find it on Amazon for $38.

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