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Stray Cats Following Social Distancing Rules Politely Line Up Outside Market

A group of stray cats in the Philippines was recently spotted taking ongoing social distancing measures very seriously, proving once and for all that cats are better at following quarantine regulations than humans are.

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White circles have been painted on the sidewalk in one Quezon City market street in an effort to encourage people to stay at least one meter apart from each other.

Facebook | Coleen Joice Aquino

Similar tactics have been adopted in other countries all over the world with varying degrees of effectiveness. As we can see here, some locals are lined up on the street and appear to be occupying these specific spots.

But personally, I'm more inclined to focus on the three very responsible cats who have joined the queue and, in very cat-like fashion, decided to mock all other humans who aren't socially distancing by effortlessly doing so themselves. Meowww.

Photos of the sweet felines were shared to Facebook earlier this month by Coleen Joice Aquino.

Facebook | Coleen Joice Aquino

The post quickly went viral, racking up over 16,000 shares and over 7,000 reactions from rightfully amused users.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Aquino admitted she didn't expect the pictures to blow up the way they did, explaining that she only shared the post in the first place because it was "cute and nice content to share on social media.”

Aquino went on to describe the scene we see in the adorable photos and those cats who so politely lined up outside the market.

Facebook | Coleen Joice Aquino

“I took the photos on May 10 and these cats are just roaming around the public market where our vegetable store is located at," she explained. "That was the first time I saw cats sitting in the circles."

Aquino also said that this wasn't the last time the fur babies showed up at the market. In fact, they apparently keep coming back looking for food after their quarantine behavior was likely rewarded the first time with some tasty treats.

These aren't the only animals in the world who are obeying social distancing measures as the pandemic continues.

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Time and time again, four-legged creatures have made a point of one-upping us and showing that it's really not all that hard to keep a safe social distance from others.

For instance, this sweet doggo seems to have noticed humans lining up according to red circles on the ground, and being the very good boy he so obviously is, he decided to do the same.

Someone get this cutie a treat, stat!

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