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Gwen Stefani Shares Rare Photo Of Her Son, Kingston, For His 14th Birthday

Pretty much every birthday when you're a teenager is a big deal, and it always feels nice when your parents make a big deal out of you for it.

It probably feels even nicer when your parents are celebrities! Gwen Stefani and her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, are generally pretty private when it comes to sharing photos of their son Kingston, but they switched it up in honor of his 14th birthday.

Gwen shared this handsome shot of her son on her Instagram page.

Instagram | @gwenstefani

"Happy 14th bday to my first born son -thank u God for marking me HIS MAMMA! GX #loveukingstonjames," Gwen captioned the shot. The comments filled with people wishing Kingston a happy birthday, although one fan on Twitter did wonder "When did Gwen Stefani's son Kingston become grown?" which is a good question.

Gwen also shared a video of Kinston with her boyfriend, Blake Shelton.


Gwen's ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, also wrote a touching tribute to his son on Instagram.

"Kingston james mc gregor rossdale - 14 years old today . what a journey with this young man . king you blow me away . such a kind funny smart handsome naughty spirited articulate dynamic sapien," he wrote.

"You’re so full of love and humor it feels like we got something right although the credit belongs to you."

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"We are gonna celebrate hard tonight . i’m sorry there is no large gathering as you had requested (and advertised) but that will come . let’s all get safer first," Gavin [shared[( alongside a series of photographs of Kingston.

"What can I tell you - you’re the love of my life."

Instagram | @gavinrossdale

"The eye of my apple . you know i do it all (mostly)for you and your siblings right?" Gavin finished.

What a touching birthday tribute from both of Kingston's parents! Even though this may not have been the 14th birthday he was planning for, we hope it was an awesome one nonetheless!