13+ People Who Found Clever Shortcuts

Look, no one has the time in their life to go around doing things the "proper way," do they? Or, at the very least, not everyone can frankly be bothered! And that is why God invented shortcuts!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these 13+ people who found very clever shortcuts...and some not so clever shortcuts!

"Grandpa's cheat sheet."

Reddit | loose_shorts

I absolutely love this. I mean, aside from the obvious, I just love that this guy's granddad goes around the house playing smooth jazz to himself. I don't know why, but that is hilarious to me.

"There's lazy and then there's this guy..."

Reddit | dutchy4233

At this point, you may as well just stay at home, lie in the garden, and watch the festival on your phone as opposed to actually going.

"My lazy mailman, everyone."

Reddit | stellarladyfriend

"What if I just drive along the grass on people's lawns?"

"Well, that's quite lazy and it could damage property and it's also pretty rude to people who live there."

"You're right! It's a great idea!"

"I made some shortcuts in my fiancé's phone. Now she won't have to type these phrases out."

Reddit | blockergriffin

I cannot count the number of times that I have had to painstakingly type out "doodie ba skoodie"! Why did I never think of this?

"A choice was made today: a lazy one."

Reddit | It_Crawls

Pfft, who really has the time to mince their own garlic? Well, a lot of people... But who can really be bothered?

"My lazy little brother learning writing English letters."

Reddit | Im_that_stupid

I don't know anyone who didn't do this as a kid. I remember feeling like a genius when I figured this trick out for the first time. Well, until my teacher made me re-do the whole piece of work, that is.

"Friend of mine lost his thumb, nothing a quick tattoo can't fix!"

Reddit | Jfu88

Ah, yes, seamless! I wonder if they will ever live to regret this tattoo? I can't say it is something I would do if I lost my thumb.

"My buddy teaches English in China, his student might be cheating on google translate..."

Reddit | Hash_man

Ah, I always loved it when it snowed in winter so that my friends and I could go to a nearby hill and an error was encountered. Truly, it is a great part of the holiday season!

"My mom found out my dad has been cheating and since they don't exactly make cards for this occasion I had to improvise."

Reddit | Citrous_Oyster

I mean, I can kind of see why they wouldn't do cards for finding out that your dad has been cheating on your mother. It seems a little out of character for Hallmark after all.

"How we fixed my 90yo grandfather TV problems."

Reddit | jaimepasmonpseudo

I know for a fact that my grandparents would absolutely still manage to break the TV somehow, even with only this roster of buttons at their disposal.

"Sat having KFC and saw this guy who was trying to take a shortcut..."

Reddit | neolobers

Well, that is definitely going to put you off your bargain bucket, if nothing else is! The guy is clearly desperate for chicken.

"Don't have the money to fix it? IMPROVISE!"

Reddit | Skullninja

Just by looking at this car, I can hear the "thwack" sound effect that all cartoons use when someone gets punched.

"I fixed the label on this can of compressed air today."

Reddit | kyriose

"We need to clean up. This place is filthy."

"I'm on it!"

"Dave, are you just going to move the dirt around again?"


"No screen-cheating."

Reddit | parzx

I mean, we used to call it screen-looking not screen-cheating, but it's all the same. Something like this would have prevented a lot of Halo-based arguments as a child.

Wise Beyond Her Years!

Reddit | xsited1

Well, either that or she is lazy beyond her years! However, a lazy person will often be able to find the most effective solution to a problem...if they ever get around to the problem.

"Microsoft should probably fix this..."

Reddit | ckoppula199

Who could really be bothered to actually fix something when you can find a humorous alternative to hard work?!

"This Ontario Provincial Police sign is quite clever."

Reddit | Denny_204

But who hates speeding tickets? They're fun, they're covered in frosting, and they taste great! Oh, wait, no... That's cakes, isn't it?

"Friend got shocked at a motel. Instead of suing, "fixed" the problem."

Reddit | TravisThaxton2

This might have helped the next person in the room from being shocked and suing the hotel. However, I imagine that the person who wrote this will still get hit with a bill for damages.

"Just feeling a little lazy..."

Reddit | cn2092

This is genius. How have I never thought of this? Also, that's one hell of a good tip for the easiest exchange of that delivery guy's night!

"Someone at the city hall is lazy."

Reddit | laiwzhu

Christ alive, this is just an Abbott and Costello sketch waiting to happen, isn't it? How many times a week must someone make that reference around there?

"I got this clever plaque from my department manager at work."

Reddit | _Thrilliam

Christ, this company has found an impressive way to make dad jokes into a physical object! Congrats!

"A clever way to reuse a sign."

Reddit | rodznjodz

Well, this is either great recycling or just vandalism. Although, at least it is quite nice and positive vandalism!

"My friend accidentally wrapped a present upside down, so I fixed it for her..."

Reddit | Doodface

I think I'm too young to actually get this reference... Or that's what I'm telling myself! Does anyone else get this?

"Thought it was a clever idea to use a hole puncher to make an extra belt hole. It was not."

Reddit | lifesnotperfect

Look, they may have made a mistake here, but I think that this is more to do with this person's incompetence, not the idea itself!

"One of my 4th graders called himself 'reconecting...' on Zoom and said he was having internet issues to avoid participating in class."

Reddit | reddericks

Fourth graders are pretty tech-savvy these days. Although, the fact that the mute icon is there suggests they're in the chat.

"There was an attempt to take a shortcut!"

Reddit | nevrar

Well, I hope that this list has shown you that you can take shortcuts... You just need to be clever about it! Or, you at least need to be funny so we can laugh at you!

"I honestly don't know if the Museum is open or not."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

I assumed that the museum would be full of old firefighting equipment, but clearly it's just full of old fire.


Reddit | aplninja

This seems to me like the guy who is meant to write out these fortunes just got a little bit bored and wanted an early dart!

The Latest In Fitness Technology.

Reddit | aj-1991

I always thought my dad came back from his "walks" a little too quickly. Seems I have some investigating to do.

"Told Gramps it would be easier to use a wheelchair to get thru the airport."

Reddit | blinkooo

He was insulted at your thought that he'd need a wheelchair to move around, but also didn't want to wheel all that luggage. Spite meets practicality.

"FedEx sent my friend some tires."

Reddit | Bonafy

Wait, they did? I can't even tell. They did a really good job at hiding them, which is tough for such a big object. Bravo.

Well...At Least It Moves?

Reddit | christmasspiceballs

Not only does it move, but it probably goes faster because of all those extra wheels. More wheels = more speed, obviously.

"My friend got tired of his kids losing the remotes."

Reddit | danthoms

I've seen singular remotes bolted to plants before, but never a collection. Whatever it takes to keep them all in place, I suppose.

Making It As Simple As Possible.

Reddit | hello_it_is_not_me

Some days, I'm not in the mood to read whatever cute chalk signs all the bars come up with. I need something direct.

Some Things Have To Be Done Carefully.

Reddit | Dfro123

And one of those things is applying sunscreen. Yes, you have to rub it in. No, it doesn't matter if you think it's weird for your bro to do that.

"I don't understand washing machines, so my girlfriend made it easier."

Reddit | europeanputin

A lot of the comments were ragging on this guy for not knowing how to work a washing machine. Half of me agrees - how are you an adult who doesn't know how to do laundry - but half of me also thinks that a lot of modern washing machines are overly complicated. I'm torn.

"It's always easy to know which room my girlfriend is in."

Reddit | fgcoupe

No need for creepy phone trackers or the awkwardness of yelling. Just get a horde of pets who love your partner and you'll never need to search again.

Breaking News.

Reddit | nowhathappenedwas

While this isn't wrong advice, I wouldn't say it's good advice either.

"Bean filled glove: for when you want your kids to feel loved, but you're too tired."

Reddit | FreddyJackson69

I actually really like this, but I think it's because I want a bean-filled glove. I may be in my 20s but I could still use a comforting hand on my back while I sleep.

"Better hurry up, there's only one left."

Reddit | fried_eggs_and_ham

"Oh man, it's the last one? That's wild, I came just in time. I'll take five."

"The sooner you're aware, the better you can prepare."

Reddit | Morty_Goldman

Who needs the Richter scale when you have this bad boy. I can tell the severity of any earthquake by how much he's freaking out.

"Easy meal prep ideas."

Reddit | ShadowsDecoy

My only issue with this picture is that, out of every fast food chain they could have picked, they went with Burger King.

"A new level of lazy..."

Reddit | frivus

The person who posted this went on to say, "This is at the national museum of Denmark. There were no people behind the counter." Those Danish have really got their heads screwed on if you ask me!

"Tired of people using your mug?"

Reddit | tonterias

I'm a weirdo who has one mug I'm way too protective over, and I think this picture just solved a lot of my problems.

"I took grad photos with my boyfriend of the time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt 'fixed' my photos."

Reddit | paatiencew

In fairness, your aunt has done an incredibly good job! I don't think that I could have done this. I would have just been printing it off and sticking a cutout next to me!