10+ Surprisingly Practical Purchases Available On Etsy

As we are all being encouraged to support small businesses during this time of crisis, why not do so while online shopping? One place comes to mind when I think of doing that and it's Etsy.

You'd be surprised how many cool businesses there are on Etsy that sell practical items. Just take a look at these and get going.

1. This 1920's Art Deco Toaster


Why settle for just an ordinary run-of-the-mill toaster? Right? You can get this retro 1920's art deco style that will add instant class to your vintage-inspired kitchen. I love this.

2. This Personalized Leather Mouse Pad


We spend a lot of time working on our computers — especially now. So, our mousepads get a lot of use. This sweet leather mousepad can be personalized and makes an awesome gift idea.

3. This Smiley Face Face Mask


If you're going to need to wear a mask might as well still keep smiling. Eh? This face maks featuring a smiley face is both fun and durable even during high heat situations. Nice.

4. This Personalized Photo Keyring


If you want to have a personalized photo keyring, this one is a great choice. This will also make a good gift for someone who loves showing off pictures of their family.

5. This Linen Bread Bag


If your bread is always going stale, you may want to look into this cool linen bread bag. Apparently, it's naturally anti-microbial and will keep your loaves of crusty bread fresh. Sounds great to me.

6. This Ultimate Cordless Tool Holder


This cool tool holder is made from the highest quality 16-gauge steel and powder-coated for a durable finish. It's very sturdy and will be a great addition to your garage for years.

7. This Custom Coffee Sleeve


When coffee is your best friend you need one of those sleeves to protect your hands. But why just get one from the store? It's so much better to have one with your favorite phrase. Right?

8. This CovMitt-19 Contactless Door Opener Tool


Oh my goodness, isn't this the cutest thing ever? You can use these to open doors or just use them in the kitchen. Hee, hee. What a cool invention indeed and a conversation starter.

9. This Felted Wool Cat Cave


Let's not forget our furry friends. If your cat loves hiding in places you might want to get him this awesome wool cave. I would crawl into this too. LOL! This is so cute.

10. These Child-Safe Wooden Knives


Never worry again about your kids having an accident when chopping things in the kitchen. They can still help you out and stay safe when they use these awesome wooden chopping knives. These are so cool.

11. This Germ Avoidance Key Chain Door Opener


If you're just too paranoid of germs (for obvious reasons) you may want to get this cute door opener. Keep it on your keychain for your next grocery store shopping experience. Ha, ha!

12. This Taco Shell Holder


OMG, I've been looking for a cool taco shell holder so I can finally eat my tacos without all the ingredients falling out. Why didn't I think of searching for one on Etsy? Um, duh.

13. These Sanitary Shopping Cart Handles


I gotta admit, going grocery shopping is another ball game these days. Am I right or what? From wearing masks to gloves it's become so weird. At least these will help you minimize contact with your grocery bags and any potential germs.

Honestly I'm finding myself shopping on Etsy more and more these days.

I just love the idea of supporting small businesses while getting things that are unique and out of the ordinary. There are so many practical things there, too.

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