10+ 'Sons Of Anarchy' Mistakes Fans Completely Missed

As incredible a show Sons of Anarchy was, it was by no means perfect. In fact, a number of nagging issues continue to eat away at fans' minds even to this day.

Below are 10+ examples of Sons of Anarchy mistakes fans just can't get over. Look for yourself and see if you noticed any of these your first time through the series!

*Sons of Anarchy* is one of the most underrated but amazing shows of all time.

It had drama, love, mystery, action, and adventure all rolled into one sweet package.

There was nothing not to love about this show, and we're sorry that it had to end.

Unfortunately, even though the show was perfect to us viewers, it was imperfect in some of its executions!

There are a ton of mistakes in the show, from small continuity mistakes to much larger plot holes.

They can drive a person crazy.

But luckily, that's why we are here!

We're going to dive into those little inconsistencies that, when you look at them all lined up, kind of rip the show apart (but of course, not enough to make us hate it).

Let's get into it!

1. Just how old is Thomas Teller?


This is one of the biggest plot holes in the entire series. Abel seems to age normally but, for some reason, Thomas is always depicted as the eternal toddler?

He isn't even walking by the end of the series, even though he was born in the show's fourth season!

2. When they pull an intact slug out of Bobby, complete with bullet casing.


This happens in the episode titled "Aon Rud Persanta" in the 6th season. After being shot, Bobby is in desperate need of medical attention.

If you look closely, you'll see that the bullet is completely intact. Even the casing remains.

3. When Tig turned the other cheek.


In season 5, Tig has an unfortunate encounter and is badly bitten by a dog. Watch again, and you'll see that he's clearly bitten on his right buttock.

When they inject the anesthetic, it's in the wrong cheek!

4. The Irish.

When the Sons decide to meet up with the Irish, Jax arrives late to the meeting (because he's cool enough to do that).

He removes his helmet and his hat is backward, revealing the logo of the club.

In the next shot, however, when he's shaking the Irishman's hand, the hat has suddenly changed!


The cap is now forward, then between shots, it ends up being backward again.

Come on, people!

5. What happened to Gemma's wound?


The second season of SOA starts off on a dark path: Gemme is kidnapped, beaten, and raped.

When Tara takes off the bandages, you can see there's actually no wound on Gemma's hand. It's just a smear of blood.

6. Opie, the car isn't locked.

Some mistakes can be forgiven but this one was pretty glaring.

In the 7th episode of the 2nd season, Opie breaks into a woman's truck. However, the camera clearly shows that the car is unlocked.

7. What happened to the metal door?


Many fans of the show will no doubt remember Floyd, Charming's barber. His shop has a very distinctive metal door panel (I wonder why).

When Jax throws Agent Kohn through the door during their fight, the metal plate has somehow vanished?

8. The time Nero rubbed off his own tattoo.


I don't want to spoil anything here, so let's just say that, after getting some very VERY bad news, Nero becomes...distraught.

So much so, that he starts vigorously rubbing and scratching at his arms. Look closely and you'll see he rubs his tattoo right off!

9. Is Jax behind or in front of the line?

One of the club's legal ventures was a pornographic production studio called Cara Cara (which caused a ton of problems between Jax and Clay, making it more interesting).

It burns to the ground, which causes Jax to declare he's going "Nomad."

When the club arrives at the scene, Jax is behind the yellow caution tape.

After the scene cuts, he's about three feet in front of it.

There are only two answers to this: He either moved between shots, or it is a big mistake.

10. Wendy's bruise is on the wrong side.


Jax begins traveling a very dark road as the show goes on. One of the most horrendous things he ever did was inject Wendy, a recovering addict, with a needle full of heroin.

When Wendy shows the bruise to Tara, it's on the wrong side of her arm.

11. The nurse's bloody glove.


This is just common sense!

After the doctors and nurses finish working on Clay, they exit the room. However, one nurse only removes one glove and wears the other bloody glove out into the hall. This would never be allowed in a hospital, as it is totally unsanitary.

12. Gemma being placed in a holding cell with men.


Yes, I understand that Charming is supposed to be a very small town. It is foreseeable that they may only have had one holding cell, although extremely unlikely.

Men and women are never held together in the same room.

That's the whole reason why we have separate prisons for men and women!

Perhaps they truly didn't treat it as a plot hole considering the small town angle, but this just seems extremely unbelievable.

13. Piney's backwards cigarette.


This one's just too good to pass up. Piney Winston is an aged biker battling emphysema and a plethora of other smoking-related health concerns. William Lucking, the actor who plays him, clearly is not.

Piney's cigarette is backward: The butt-end is in his mouth.

14. That's not a baby, that's a doll!


In the finale of season 2, Cameron Hayes kidnaps Jax's son Abel in a fit of grief and hysteria.

As he's running with the child, you can clearly see that he's holding a doll and not a baby.

15. Jax's rotating hat.


This is one of those tricky continuity aspects that often get overlooked. Pay extra close attention any time that you see Jax wearing a ball cap.

Odds are, you're likely to see it flip frontwards/backwards multiple times throughout the scene.

16. The SUV

YouTube | Hey, It's Mr. V

When Jax and crew help escort Tig after he ran into Laroy with a car at the cafe, they get caught in traffic.

Jax shoots at the SUV to kill the driver, but once the camera pans back to it, there's no one sitting in the driver's seat.

17. The Hotel


When Patterson goes to visit Toric at the hotel, he goes to the second floor to see him.

But when Roosevelt goes to investigate the room, it is suddenly on the ground level. It's an easy mistake to miss!

18. Tara and Gemma shooting their shot.


Tara and Gemma are practicing shooting when Jax's soon to be one-time lover passes by.

Tara is using a .38 which holds five rounds, but she shoots the gun 10 times without ever reloading.

19. DNA.

A huge part of the Sons of Anarchy story line is when Bobby is being put on trial, and the boys have to figure out how to get him cleared.

This leads some of the members, including Jax and Tig, to the house where the witness is.

Jax and Tig end up getting involved in a fist fight inside the house, which essentially would have left their DNA all over the house.

Which means that the police could have easily figured out who had broken into the safe house.

Can you think of any other mistakes from *Sons of Anarchy* that other fans may have missed?

Or were you having trouble catching them too, during your first watch? Maybe it's time to rewatch the show!

Let us know below in the comments!