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Man And His Donkey Friend Cry Tears Of Joy In Post-Lockdown Reunion

As the worldwide pandemic of the novel coronavirus continues on, it's safe to say that no country has been hit in quite the same way.

For example, though Spain went into a comparatively strict lockdown on March 14, it is still one of the hardest hit countries. It's too soon to know why exactly, but experts think cultural norms and warm weather played a part.

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For more than six weeks in Spain, only one adult per household was allowed to leave the house for essential shopping or work.

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Children under 14 were even fully sequestered and not allowed to go outdoors until the last weekend in April, when measures began to ease slightly and they were allowed to go for short walks with their parents.

But as the first couple of weeks in May showed promising results, the Spanish government began to ease things a little bit more. People can now be outside more and small social gatherings are allowed.

For many, that means visiting family and friends, but for Ismael Fernández, it means finally getting to see Baldomera again.

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Baldomera is his family's pet donkey and she lives in the Spanish countryside with Ismael's brother.

Usually, he would travel out to visit weekly, but like the rest of the country, Ismael has been spending lockdown at home.

As isolation orders began to loosen, everyone seemed excited to go to restaurants or travel again.

Instagram | @baldomerayyo

But as soon as he was allowed, Ismael immediately travelled to the family farm and called out for "Baldo".

She came right away and Ismael cried tears of happiness.

Which would be heartwarming on its own, but then Baldomera began to cry too.

Ismael told The Dodo:

"I started crying. I was so happy to be seeing her. And when she saw me, she started crying. I never heard that sound from her before. She cried with me. We cried together."

I'm sorry, but is it getting dusty in here?

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