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Bring The Beach To Your Home With A Crochet Ocean-Inspired Blanket

Going to the beach is probably one of the best activities summer has to offer, but unfortunately, this year's, and maybe even next year's, beach-going experiences are going to be a lot different. If beaches open, it's not a free-for-all. Expect to see social distancing measures in place, and that's IF your beach is open.

If you're not looking to chance it and opt to just stay home and catch some rays in your backyard or on your balcony, you can still bring the ocean right to your home with a crochet beach-inspired blanket.

Ever loved the beach so much you just wanted to be wrapped in its salty water and sandy shoreline 24/7?

Etsy | PinkPearlCrochetCA

Thanks to this crochet blanket, you can (and without all the sand in your hair and bathing suit—a major bonus).

This pattern is by Etsy seller PinkPearlCrochetCA and features a starfish and a few cute turtles making their way into the water.

Etsy | PinkPearlCrochetCA

When it's fully laid out, it really looks like the edge of a beach!

The shop is selling it for around $85.

If you're a crocheter yourself or know someone who is, there's always a pattern for that!

Mady By Mandy

Blogger Made By Mandy has a pretty similar free pattern that you can follow with a complete list of instructions and materials.

Wrap yourself up, play some beach wave sounds, light a coconut candle, and transport yourself right to the ocean from the comfort of your couch.

Will you be giving this crochet blanket a try? Let us know!

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