10+ Movie Moments That Were Completely Out Of Character

Character integrity is one of the most crucial aspects that goes into making a great film.

One misstep and it can all come crashing down like a tightrope walker on the trapeze. And fans will never forget what happened either.

The following films are guilty of that exact trope. These 10+ movie moments weren't just completely out of character, they were downright betrayals.

The Bat-brand in *Superman V Batman: Dawn Of Justice*.

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Zack Snyder's Batman was ruthless, vengeful, and violent. For decades, in comics and film, Batman has always had a strict 'no killing' policy.

Not only does Batman kill, he even brands criminals with a bat-a-rang. This is to ensure that other inmates will see the mark and finish the job.

Lando selling out Han Solo to Darth Vader in *Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back*.

20th Century Fox

This was just too hokey to believe.

In the same breath, Lando sells out his best friend to the Empire and then immediately has a change of heart and tries to save him?

When Aiden cheated on his wife with Carrie in *Sex And The City 2*.

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The entire series is built around Aiden being this perfect by comparison, all-around 'good guy'.

It just doesn't make sense that he'd sacrifice his morals or his integrity to cheat with Carrie.

Harry and Ginny naming their son after Professor Snape in *Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2*.

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You can't really fault the filmmakers: this was entirely J.K. Rowling's fault!

Snape treated Harry like dirt, nearly got him expelled, and just plain made his life miserable. Harry and Ginny giving their son his namesake? I don't think so.

Katniss choosing to start a family with Peeta in *The Hunger Games*.


This one hurt. For the entire series, Katniss is this incredibly independent, strong, and headstrong young woman.

The film completely abandoned all of that in lieu of her conforming to stereotypical Hollywood gender roles.

Hans Landa surrendering himself to the Allies in *Inglorious Basterds*.

The Weinstein Company

Hans Landa is one of the evilest characters in the history of filmmaking. The Nazi Col. is the self-proclaimed 'Jew Hunter' for Pete's sake!

But at the drop of the hat, he switches sides to help the Allies win the war?

Darth Vader saving Luke from the Emperor in *Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi*.

The first two films are entirely focussed on Vader chasing Luke across the galaxy. Multiple times, Darth professes "He will join us or die."

But just when the Emperor starts going all electro-shock-therapy on Luke, Vader hucks him over the railing in an act of fatherly love?

Frank Lucas turning State's evidence in *American Gangster*.

Universal Pictures

What a disappointment American Gangster was. Frank's betrayal ruined the entire movie and just left a bad taste in your mouth.

After all, Frank Lucas is supposed to be the most notorious gangster of all time. But at the first sign of police trouble, he starts 'telling' on everybody!

Rocky losing his will to fight and train because Adrian doesn't approve of boxing in *Rocky II*.

United Artists

Rocky Balboa is a fighter. It's literally all he's ever known. That's the entire basis of the first film.

Yet in the sequel, when Adrian becomes concerned over his well-being, Rock hangs up his gloves and loses his will to fight? That is not what you call 'The Eye of the Tiger'.

When Marlon betrays his friendship to Truman in *The Truman Show*.

"The last thing I'd ever do is lie to you..."

You could literally hear Truman's heartbreak in this scene, as did my own! This was the moment Marlon chose his career over his life-long friendship with Truman. It just felt wrong.

Cypher selling out Morpheus to Agen Smith in *The Matrix*.

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A bit of an overreaction, wouldn't you say? Morpheus awakens Cypher from The Matrix and then Cypher sells him out to the Agents out of spite?

Why couldn't he have just asked Morpheus to be put him back in the Matrix? Or just quit! Killing-off his friends made no sense.

Fredo going outside the family and betraying Michael in *The Godfather, Part II*.

Paramount Pictures

So Fredo winds up betraying his father, his brother, and everyone else he's ever known or loved, over what? A petty Napoleonic 'big brother' complex?

You broke all of our hearts here, Fredo...

Rose luring Chris to her parents house in *Get Out*.

Universal Pictures

Doesn't this seem like an overly elaborate move? And an incredibly inefficient one at that Why would Rose willingly lure Chris to her parents? Why would she need to start a relationship with her would-be victims at all?

It paints her as this cruel Black Widow that went totally against the grain of her character.

Superman killing General Zod in *Man Of Steel*.

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Zack Snyder just wants to erase the basis of every DC superhero's mythology. Like Batman, Supes also as a strict 'no killing' policy. Yet in the film's conclusion, he snaps Zod's neck like a twig.

The 'Big Blue Boyscout' simply doesn't have it in him.

Steve cheating on Miranda in *Sex And The City*.

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A six-month dry spell was all it took for Steve to utterly obliterate his relationship with the love of his life?

We're just supposed to believe that he didn't try communicating his feelings with Miranda once? I don't buy it.