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You Can Upcycle A Pickle Jar Into A Cozy Lantern With A DIY Crochet Cover

Pickles are great, but their jars are even better. If you're a DIYer and upcycler, then you know they can be used for so many other things besides storing delectable dills. I've used them for storing embroidery floss, makeup brushes, and even as storage for used batteries.

If you happen to crochet, then consider turning your jars into cozy lanterns for your patio this summer.

How pretty would these jar lanterns look on a patio table during a summer evening?


There are so many crochet jar cozy patterns to choose from to suit any decor style.

If you want a dainty ornate patter, check out Fondrari's that's pictured here.

All you need to make your own jar lanterns are, well, some empty and clean jars, crochet materials of your choice, and tea light candles.

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It ends up creating a really nice cozy feeling as the light seeps through the pattern.

If you have a gazebo, try your hand at a hanging cozy.

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Tumbler user wwjend made the pattern themselves.

These would also look great at outdoor wedding receptions!

Don't forget to check out Etsy for a ton of unique patterns.

Etsy | elinella

Find this pattern by Etsy seller elinella for $3.

It's amazing what a simple upgrade can do to turn trash into treasure.