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Olivia Wilde Jokes She's Going To 'Press Charges' On 3-Year-Old Daughter For Taking A Pic Of Her In The Shower

Look, anyone that has been using this time in quarantine to better themselves and get active, I am SO proud (and not at allll jealous) of you!

I personally have been putting my time and effort into supporting my local restaurants by getting a lot of take out meals, but hey, someone has got to grow the economy!

Goddess, actress and mom of two Olivia Wilde feels our pain of not feeling our ~best~ during this time, which is *completely* valid.

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It's not like we're going through a global pandemic, or anything, right?!!

Sometimes getting out of bed is hard enough!

So when her daughter took an unflattering pic of the actress in the shower, Olivia joked she was ABOUT to get lawyers involved.

"My 3 yr old took pics of me in the shower and due to my pandemic diet - and her cruel framing choices - I have no choice but to press charges," she joked.

Fans were quick to let Olivia know we are RIGHT THERE with you, girl! Freeze dried ramen sounds like a luxury these days, lol.

Because truly, what else is there to do besides cook, eat, snack, and repeat?!

Of course, it's so SO important to remember all our bodies are BEAUTIFUL, even when they are going through a bit of a change!

Instagram | @oliviawilde

We are rockstars, ladies and gentlemen! Don't y'all ever forget it!

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