An Official 'Friends' Cookbook Is Coming, And It's Filled With Iconic Dishes From The Show

If you haven't heard the news, Friends is coming back for a special one-episode reunion on HBO Max. I know you've probably heard the phrase a bajillion times, but could you BE any more excited?!

After 25 years, the show is still as relevant as ever, and that's why a cookbook filled with the show's most iconic delicacies is super exciting.

If you ever wanted to eat like your favorite sitcom cast, well, get ready to embrace your inner Monica because an official *Friends* cookbook is happening!

The cookbook is filled with over 70 recipes inspired by the show.

You'll be able to recreate Monica's Friendsgiving feast, Pheobe's grandmother's cookies, and of course, Ross' poor Moist Maker sandwich.

We can't guarantee your housemates won't try to snag it, either!

Whether you're an expert chef like Monica, or a massive foodie like Joey, there's something for everyone to try.


You can pre-order it from Amazon for $29.99, but just note that it won't ship until September 22.