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Bored Crane Operator Taunts Sunbather With Shadows In Hilarious Viral Video

Nowadays it's pretty much up to us to make our own fun and try to find some way to entertain ourselves while the world deals with its current crisis. Movie theaters are closed, malls are closed, amusement parks are closed... pretty much everything is closed.

Some people are using this time to pick up new hobbies or to really perfect their old ones. But others are having to get pretty creative when it comes to finding the fun in this not-so-fun situation.

And if you happen to be an operator in charge of a giant construction crane, I can think of at least one way for you to keep yourself entertained.

An unidentified man with this exact position recently went viral after he filmed the hilarious lengths he went to in order to cure his midday boredom.

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In the video, the crane operator actually purposefully moves his giant rig around in order to block the sun from a would-be sunbather on the ground below.

Yes, people are getting that desperate for entertainment. But it's O.K., because this is entertainment for all of us.

Egged on by one of his pals, the snickering crane operator continues to harmlessly annoy the gent below whose only crime is just trying to get a little color.

Twitter | @Faycebuk

Each time the sunbather moves his position to try and catch some rays, the operator adjusts his crane accordingly so he casts a shadow over the unsuspecting man's face.

Then the man tries to move again, and the cycle simply continues.

As of writing, the hilarious clip has over 3 million views on Twitter.

The uploader, who isn't actually the crane operator we hear in the video, captioned the clip, "Absolutely 100% can get behind this level of commitment to pettiness."

I think we can all agree that the giggling man moving the rig was definitely committed to his petty prank.

In the comments, most people seem to appreciate the crane operator's harmless entertainment and got a good laugh out of watching it.

"The crane driver is just SO DELIGHTED," this person wrote, while another added, "That stopped way too soon. Could have watched that all day (cracking up)."

"If I was the guy sunbathing I would find this hilarious, the simplicity of it," one user commented. "So much fun. You've got to see the enjoyment in it. It's an elite game of cat and mouse. I could be there on the ground for ages playing this game."

Of course, there were also those who didn't much appreciate the silly prank that likely annoyed the hell out of the poor sunbather.

"All who think this is funny , grow up," one person wrote.

Another chimed in, "There’s only one 'plonker' there and it’s not the one on the ground!"

In the end, most Twitter users seem to agree that this was all just harmless fun and a way to cure someone's boredom.

One person even took it upon themselves to turn the operator's prank into a meme that I personally believe sums up the year 2020 about as perfectly as possible.

What do you think about all this? Was it funny to watch or should the crane operator start carrying around a Sudoku activity book to entertain himself with instead? Let us know!