Fan Ruins Iconic Shows And Movies By Showing Scenes Pre-Visual Effects

The men and women of cinema work tirelessly to bring the magic of movies to life.

But as incredible as a finished product is, sometimes taking a peek behind the curtain can be just as thrilling!

Recently, Twitter user @Kingjames_x did exactly that, posting photos of iconic movie moments before/after CGI rendering. For better or worse, they bring a whole new perspective to the scenes.

1. *Guardians Of The Galaxy*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

This one kind of burst my bubble. I mean, obviously I knew that Rocket was CGI but I always thought that Bradley Cooper was the one in the green suit.

He could learn a thing or two from Andy Serkis.

2. *Life Of Pi*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

This one threw me for a total loop. The CGI work in Life of Pi is utterly breathtaking. In fact, I'd defy anyone to be able to tell the difference.

Who knew that Richard Parker was really just a giant blue Heffalump?

3. *Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

The way that each individual tentacle seems to have a life of its own; it almost makes you actually believe you're staring into the monstrous face of Davey Jones.

This picture heightens just what an achievement that truly was.

4. *Twilight Saga: New Moon*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

I've always wondered what actors must be thinking to themselves in scenes like these?

How do you take yourself seriously? Kristin Stewart is literally just stroking the head of a guy in a leotard, how do you not laugh uncontrollably?

5. *Alice In Wonderland*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

To make a movie like Alice in Wonderland it takes a whole lot of trust and an incredible amount of imagination. As you can see from the picture above, the entire set is essentially just one giant green screen.

6. *The Hobbit*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

I'm astounded by what a few white lights and some green screens can actually produce.

The makers of CGI truly are the new storytellers of the cinematic world. Without them, movies wouldn't be even half of what they are today.

7. *The Dark Knight*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

I always hated that The Dark Knight went the CGI route for Harvey Dent. In my opinion, they could've done a much better (and more believable) job had they just used makeup and prosthetics.

Still, the technology is impressive. Even if the end-result is not.

8. *Game Of Thrones*.

All the credit in the world goes to Emilia Clarke for being able to make us all believe that she really was nursing a trio of dragons.

Kudos to the production and design team as well. I could practically smell Drogon's breath!

9. *The Matrix*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

I don't care what anyone says or how much time has passed: this action sequence from The Matrix is the greatest feat/achievement in the history of CGI.

Better than Ego and even better than 'The Mad Titan', Thanos.

10. *The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

Remember what I was saying a while back about Andy Serkis? The man brings a whole new meaning to the term 'method acting'.

Not many celebs would don a motion capture suit and crouch for hours on end.

11. *Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

Here Andy portrays Caesar in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. This entire series has been incredible and it's all thanks to the tech that renders these CGI models nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

12. *The Avengers*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

They say that acting is reacting, but how do you do either if you can't actually see what it is you're reacting to?

Clearly The Avengers are heroes in more ways than one. Anyone who says "Superhero movies aren't cinema" should have their head checked.

13. *Oz, The Great And Powerful*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

If it was me, I'd have a hard time not feeling stupid sitting on a big purple mattress, pretending that I was in-fact drowning.

Alas, that's why James Franco is the world-famous actor and not.

14. *X-Men: Days Of Future Past*.

Twitter | @Kingjames_x

So how does this work: do they crank up the heat? Maybe get a smoke machine going or perhaps make their actors wear thermals?

I could see scenes like this becoming painful for all those who are involved.

Which one is your favorite?

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Did these pictures destroy your perceptions or improve them? Are you a fan of behind-the-scenes movie magic or do you prefer to just be wowed with the finished product?

Leave a comment below and let us know!