Hawaiian Tropic Just Released A Limited Edition Candle That Smells Exactly Like Their Iconic Sunscreen

When you hear "Hawaiian Tropic," what immediately comes to mind? I'm going to take a wild guess here, but it's probably its delicious trademark coconut scent. If the brand did anything right, it was definitely make sure that you would want to smell like a freshly cracked coconut while baking in the sun.

The scent whisks anyone away into beachland, and since beach vacations are sort of a no-go this year, Hawaiian Tropics is bringing the beach right into your home with their new limited edition candle.

If you love the scent of Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen, then their limited edition Beachside (Inside) candle is super exciting.


It's basically like they poured their sunscreen right into a glass, stuck a wick inside, and called it a day.

Even when you're just out and about on a sunny day, or chilling by your pool, the scent has a powerful way of transporting you right to the tropics.

And this is all the more important now, considering COVID-19 has squashed many summer beach-going trips.

Now, you can feel like you're on the beach while laying in your couch without getting sand whipped in your face by someone dusting off their towel! Major bonus.

There are plenty of coconut-scented candles out there, but you know it's legit when your favorite sunscreen brand makes their own.


What's great is that the company is donating 100% of its sales to the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association to financially support beachside businesses.

Order your own on eBay for $25.

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